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Bleach 328

asdk;lfjsa;lfjlas this colour spread. I just. *_______________* WHAT IS THAT SYMBOL ON ICHIGO'S HEADGEAR? IS IT SIGNIFICANT???

Komamura's bankai warrior goes on a rampage, lolololol. :DDDD And Matsumoto, in a rare show of practicality, worries about how the 7th division's going to pay for the damage. (I don't remember -- was this covered before, that the divisions pay out-of-pocket for real-world damages? And why would they even need to pay for any damage when it's a fake and empty Karakura Town?) So Matsumoto is all "oh, the captain's responsibility, huh? AWESOME! >:D". It's too bad Kubo didn't show Hitsugaya's face in that panel "lol n00b you'll pay for any damage you cause!" Why is Hitsugaya so mean to poor Matsumoto. He's clearly pulling her pigtails. IT'S LOVE.

Ahaha, Kira and Hisagi glad they didn't get to Ikkaku in time. Komamura is still standing around looking badass, as well he should. :D Eep, for a second I thought there was another attack, but that's just the bankai warrior dissolving 'cause Komamura sheathed his zanpakutou.

AAAAH HOW DOES IBA KNOW ABOUT IKKAKU'S BANKAI!? And holy crap, Iba is scolding Ikkaku for losing to Po!!! OMG HE PUNCHED HIM! lmao, poor Ikkaku doesn't know what to do. "I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THIS D:" Heeee. OMG was I right about 7th division philosophy? Win, no matter what. Even if you die, you still have to win. I'm half surprised, half pleased that it's Iba who schools Ikkaku about his must-stay-in-11th-division hangup; I thought it was going to be Ichigo eventually (because it's usually Ichigo who knocks sense into Soul Society people, even if he has to literally knock it into them...). Speaking of, I miss Ichigo ;_; We haven't seen him since 315.

Uh-oh, Barragan got up. Now that I think of it, could he be the First Espada since he assumed command earlier and everyone else seems to defer to him? Or is it misdirection? SUSPENSE!

OMG! Komamura heard everything about Ikkaku's bankai. But his ears seem to be failing today. :D HOLY SHIT I REALLY LOVE KOMAMURA AFTER ALL THIS.

Soi Fon is so badass, I love her. But what is the name of the Fracción she's going to fight? I vaguely remember her but not enough to put a name to her. I need to re-read again. And who is the dude facing Oomaeda? Didn't Barragan's Fracción all bite it?

So... Hitsugaya, Kyoraku, and Ukitake are all fighting Fracción? :O No, wait, that's Stark & Lilinette vs Kyoraku & Ukitake -- I wonder which of the two is taking on Stark (Kyoraku probably... it'd be weirdly symmetrical; they seem to have similar personalities). So Matsumoto and Hitsugaya are taking on Halibel's Fracción (looks like... Hitsugaya vs Apache and Matsumoto vs Mila-Rose and Sun-Sun? :O)

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