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Bleach 329

Baragan's mask is a crown? Or is that a crown he wears 'cause he thinks he is a king? :D

Yamamoto is really scary. He's managed to keep three former captains, one of whom (Aizen) is apparently as strong as two captains, immobilised for this long with just his shikai? And Aizen thinks he has a chance? Uh... (Of course, there's also the fact that Aizen was all "pfft, the Espada will take care of them" -- implying that he could get out if he wanted to -- but I think he doesn't want to try and fail, thus losing face.)

So Yamamoto says they must not let the Arrancar and the traitor captains step foot in Soul Society. One thing I've been wondering ever since Aizen's great escape was how those Menos at the end of the SS arc managed to get inside Soul Society in the first place (well, at least inside enough to use Negación on Gin, Aizen, and Tōsen).

Ahah, oh, Ukitake. ILU and your inappropriate touching of your mentors and everybody else.

*rubs eyes*


WHAT. WHAT IS THIS. Shunsui wants a shoulder rub from Ukitake? :O :O :O sldkfsldfjsl;kfsdlskf I could not make this shit up, people. Ahah Ukitake is not amused by Shunsui's inappropriate advances! IDEK, maybe Ukitake gives really awesome shoulder rubs and Shunsui isn't gay for him at all. Nope! Not even a little bit.

Soi Fon is so mean to Ōmaeda, lolol. "This is a good opportunity. Maybe you can manage to get yourself killed." Is she annoyed with him for failing so hard so far? :D

I'm REALLY annoyed with Hitsugaya. He thinks Matsumoto might have hesitation in her heart? Did he not witness Matsumoto cross swords with Gin even BEFORE she knew he was a traitor? Did he not hear about her blade at Gin's throat atop Sōkuyoku Hill right before the Menos showed up? Jesus. When Aizen re-appeared in front of bloody Hinamori, she was all "I don't care that you tried to frame my childhood friend, I'm just glad you're alive, Aizen-taichō!!1!1eleven!11". And yet Hitsugaya seems to think the sun shines out of her weak-willed ass. Gin was Matsumoto's EVERYTHING before they parted ways inside the Gotei 13 (she considers the day she met Gin her birthday, ffs!), and still she's loyal to her captain first. And he still doubts her? Hmph. Not cool, Hitsugaya. Not cool at all. You little wanker.

Aha, so Baragan still has two Fracción; those two nameless Arrancar are his. Hmm. "Do not make me walk down a road that is not soaked with the enemy's blood." I wonder what Tōsen thinks about Baragan's philosophy.

I love Soi Fon's and Ōmaeda's "whut" faces after the Arrancar swear to cover the battlefield in their flesh and blood. Soi Fon's probs like, "bitch are you for real?"

So Shunsui's taking on Stark, just as I thought he would. Though I'm really unsure why he even gives a shit about Lilinette being there -- at least by Soul Society standards, the Arrancar are merely super-sentient Hollows. So why does Shunsui call her "kid" and is reluctant to harm her? That makes no sense to me. Though, I'm kind of warming up to Stark, here. "Let's not fight and say we did." Shunsui's reaction is unsurprising, considering his respect for Yamamoto. I am REALLY looking forward to this fight. (Ukitake's o_____________O faces throughout those panels totally made the page, btw).

Ooh, Matsumoto seriously is taking on 3 Fraccion. Well, she fared pretty well against Nakim after seal removal.. but he was Grimmjow's Fracción -- does Fracción power depend on the Espada they belong to? If so, Halibel's Fracción are bound to be more powerful. I'm kind of worried about Matsumoto. But she thinks she can do it, so I will keep my fingers crossed. :S

I predict that Hitsugaya's going to have serious trouble against Halibel. I'm not really sure why, but it's a feeling I get. AHHH! Y SO FAR AWAY, NEXT FRIDAY? AND WHERE IS ICHIGO? ;_;
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