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Bleach 330

Crossing Swords

So Halibel draws her sword like pulling a grenade pin. Possible connection to her released form? And ooh, her sword is hollow inside -- that's pretty neat. Also, um, Y HALO THAR HALIBEL!BOOBIES Not that Hitsugaya's going to be distracted by the boobage, what with Matsumoto being his vice-captain. :D

The Arrancar continue to be clueless. Apache's all "that kid" about Hitsugaya; did she not hear Matsumoto call him "Captain"? Can she not sense his reiatsu? Jeez. Mila Rose is no smarter, apparently.

Catty!Matsumoto is SO MUCH FUCKING LOVE. :DDD lmao, cow tits.

Sun-Sun is so much like Yumichika, it's scary.

Okay, I'm missing something here. Matsumoto thinks she can take on three Fracción with her shikai alone? But they're at least Adjucha-level, and we know from Rukia that until very recently, mere Gillians were the stuff of Academy textbooks. Does Matsumoto have a trick up her sleeve aside from her shikai? She and Yumichika were trying for bankai way back when the Arrancar first arrived in Karakura Town, but they were failing miserably... ooh, does it mean that in the meantime, Matsumoto has achieved bankai? That would be so awesome. Probably unlikely. But awesome.

Ahhh, Matsumoto can control Haineko's shikai form with her hands just like Byakuya can with Senbonzakura! I wonder if it's the same idea -- when she uses her hands, she's faster?

TRIPLE CERO OMFG. Well, at least these Arrancar girls aren't fucking around. But what actually happened? Matsumoto obviously dodged the Cero blasts, but why is she yelling "Haineko" -- I can't tell if she's upset or if she's issuing a command...

WHAT NOOOO IT CUTS TO ŌMAEDA. Who's getting his ass kicked, predictably.

In other news, why is Soi Fon so amazing. "One should be antagonistic towards one's underlings to keep them on their toes." LOVE. <3 <3 <3

Ooh, new bakudō! It looks kind of like Byakuya's rikujōkōrō, except this one is localised to several points on the body instead of just the midsection. But this one must be lower-level, since rikujōkōrō is #61 and this one is #30.

Okay, well, this is Bleach and since Soi Fon is saying "I didn't even get your name" that probably means the Arrancar's going to recover and be all "OH YEAH? WELL MY NAME IS SUCH AND SUCH AND I WILL BEAT YOU DOWN!"

Next chapter: Shunsui? :D :D
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