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Bleach 331

Don't Believe the Hide

...Judging from the chapter's contents, I think Kubo meant to use Hype not Hide. >.> Still, it's not as bad as "Four Arms to Killing You". XD

I'm not sure why Vega used a Cero to destroy the wall behind her instead of, you know, shooting Soi Fon point-blank with it. Is she really that curious whether or not Soi Fon will be able to finish her off with the next blow? :D

...and why didn't Soi Fon finish her off? I'm so confused. Soi Fon being called "too soft" in a fight against not!Yoruichi? Whaaaaa? o_o Is she planning something.

So Barragan's remaining female Fracción is named Ggio Vega. How do you pronounce "Ggio" and isn't that Italian (rather than Spanish)? Dammit, I wanted to see her released form! Oh well, at least we know her name and the name of her zanpakutō now. :D

lmao, what is Ōmaeda doing? :DDD "I'm not fat, I'm just plump, and besides, it's a sign of my wealth!!!" Hee. And of course it's all a ruse. Apparently, Ōmaeda enjoys playing with his food, just like his captain. "Who do you think I am?" LOLOLOL. Somewhat relatedly, Gegetsuburi's shikai is pretty awesome.

And now we know the elephant dude Arrancar's Resurreción but not his name? I guess he'll recover in the next chapter and announce something like "I, [insert fake Spanish name here], will defeat you to the extreme!". Oh, Bleach. <3333

I was wondering if the Arrancar's "Crush" command and Ōmaeda's were the same, so I went and found a raw scan of 331, but it doesn't look like it:

Anyone know the difference? DAMMIT WHY CAN'T I READ JAPANESE. @_;

Still no Ichigo :|

In other news, I finished reading FMA this week. I like it but not as much as I like Bleach. >.> I'll definitely keep reading, though! I also started watching the anime 'cause I read it has a different storyline than the manga, and when Ed first spoke, I had a trufax moment of "WTF WHY IS HITSUGAYA AN ALCHEMIST?" :D
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