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*annoyed at world*

0001 - I woke up with a headache.


0011 - If I hear another person scornfully exclaim "ha! snow comes earlier and earlier each year! and they try to tell us about global warming! what a joke!", I will have to use near-inhuman restraint not to choke them for being too fucking ignorant to be allowed.

0100 - By the way? IT FUCKING SNOWED.

0101 - I'm sorry you're upset that the province wants to ban non-handsfree electronic device use in cars. What I'm not sorry about is that if the law passes, your pansy ass will face fines, demerits, and other unpleasantness for making me swerve around you when you're too distracted by fiddling with your iPhone GPS or phone sex with your dog to watch the fucking road and hold on to the wheel. I'm not sorry about that at all. Drunks think they are "just fine, not distracted at all" when driving, too. That's from a practical standpoint as a Toronto driver with a daily commute of 80km total.

0110 - On a purely academic level, however, I think it's ridiculous that we apparently have to legislate common sense. It's like seat belts, really -- you can be fined heavily for not wearing one, at least here in Ontario. Apparently "if you don't wear a seat belt, your puny brain might be Highway 401's next festive decoration" is just not good enough. Gotta have a law that tells you not to be a fuckwit.

Same shit with cell phones. I use mine in the car sometimes if it's really necessary and there's no way for me to pull over, but it makes me feel anxious/uncomfortable and I constantly want to put the phone down. Even when I'm using the Bluetooth earpiece, I don't feel comfortable. I cannot fathom speeding leisurely along at 120 km/h and yapping on a cell phone the whole time -- the thought alone fills me with quiet panic. Because, um, it's distracting. One of the first things I internalised about driving was that the key to safe driving is paying attention. If my attention is divided, I am not as safe as I could be -- no question. We're all human and our brains all work pretty much the same way when it comes to this kind of thing, like it or not. Let's not talk about the other key to safe driving: not becoming so enraged over idiots who do stupid shit that you become too distracted to breathe, let alone drive. >.>

0111 - I was going to do an icon meme, but I'll do it tomorrow. BECAUSE IT FUCKING SNOWED, OKAY? :|

Tags: driving, politics, rant

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