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Bleach 332

Aww, I was hoping for a Hallowe'en-y colour spread or something, but I guess the Japanese don't do Hallowe'en. *sadface*

Fang and Sting

I may have said this last week, but Ōmaeda's shikai is seriously impressive. Let's forget for a moment that Ichigo can stop it with no effort, shall we? >.> These first few panels make Ōmaeda look really cool. But then he spoils it by being his usual gloaty-faced self. And getting his nose stretched by the Elephant Arrancar (whose name we still don't know!) But I've definitely warmed up to him over the last two chapters without even noticing until just now -- how the hell does Kubo do it?

Wait, wait... Ggio Vega is a man? *facedesk* Though. His Resurreción is really cool.

I guess Ōmaeda doesn't know Soi Fon as well as he thinks he does. He's all "there's no way she'd be faking it!". Except, um. She totally was faking it. Now I understand why she didn't take the opportunity to take Vega out in the last chapter: Vega hadn't released yet.

I love Soi Fon's "excuse me wtf r u doin" face when Ōmaeda blocks Vega with Gegetsuburi. Also, Soi Fon? So badass. I love how she's all "who asked for your help?" to Ōmaeda. But if it were Yoruichi, she'd be all "omg tysm for saving me, Yoruichi-sama! *_*" >.> *ships those two like burning* Soi Fon looks so great in the very last panel.

I wonder what's going on with the Elephant Dude. He threw Ōmaeda with his nose (??) and is now doing.... what? I was right that he'd recover, though! Rats. The likelihood of Ichigo in the next chapter is small. >.>

In other news, Happy Hallowe'en! I'm dressed as Eminem with bizarre anime hair, what about you? :D
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