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you may not know it but this man is a spy

0001 -
hp_darkfest has started posting! *\o/*

0010 - (err... completely unrelated to the above) You know what I really despise? When people use quotations in their fic summaries (or instead of their summaries) and don't attribute them. Dear Kinney in a steroid-induced coma, YOU ARE NOT CLEVER. SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE HAS READ THAT BOOK, OKAY. Same goes for unattributed lyrics. I once accidentally didn't attribute a lyric that I used for a fic title. Thankfully, a flister called me on it right away so it wasn't up like that for long -- but I still cringe whenever I think back to that episode (it would have looked like I was trying to pass it off as my own words, ack!). I'm not talking about things that are so well-known they've become idioms or cliches, obviously (e.g. "something is rotten in the state of Denmark") but if you use a character catch phrase from a fantasy series to describe your yaoi masterpiece, at least credit the original writer. Keh!

0011 - Is it really NaNoWriMo tiem alreddy? I did it back in 2004 but it sort of lost its appeal after I discovered that given the right conditions, I can do 50K in under five days. So the whole "omg a WHOLE NOVEL!!1 in a mere MONTH!11" is not really all that exciting or challenging to me. But good luck to everyone who is participating! I might do NaBloPoMo just because it'll require so little effort: I already post pretty much daily anyway. :P

0100 - Somewhat relatedly, I don't remember people being in the habit of posting their just-churned-out daily NaNo efforts to the H/D comms. You know a ship has jumped the shark when... XP (but really, has H/D always been this mediocre? -_-)

0101 - Today's daily_snitch issue is turning out kind of massive compared to my average Saturday, and I was wondering wtf was going on... Right until I realised it was the first of a new month. Oh, fandom. You so reliable. :D I do admit to a moment of "omg! they've all unconsciously conspired to keep me from finishing the hd_holidays fic this weekend!" paranoia XP

0110 -
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