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Bleach 333

Ash and Salamander

Okay, Ōmaeda is hilarious.

Soi Fon: Listen closely.
Ōmaeda: *puts hand to ear, assumes a look of concentration* What is it?

It just made me smile. :D And then Soi Fon whups him. And delivers a lecture on what it means to be special forces. Why is she so amazing?

Wait, so that is Ggio's true resurreción? Ahhh how many "true" forms can an Arrancar release take? Is it like Byakuya's bankai with its stages? I am confused.

HOLY CRAP SHE PIERCED GGIO'S LUNG FROM EITHER SIDE? In like a split second. Soi Fon is scary. And with that Baragan's Fracción are all gone. Looks like the dude himself will have to step into the fray. As an aside, can an Espada feel it when a Fracción is defeated/killed? The name and explanation given implies they're in some way a part of the Espada they belong to. I mean, obviously losing Fracción doesn't hurt the Espada physically, as we saw with Grimmjow in Karakura Town, but I wonder if there's a spiritual/emotional link.

Uh-oh, Matsumoto's having a hard time against Apache. (aha, so the "Haineko!" from a few chapters back wasn't surprise, it was just Matsumoto calling the zanpakutou) And Apache hasn't even released yet, plus there are Mila Rose and Sun-Sun. :S :S :S

And then. And then. The omfg part. Goodness gracious, great balls of somethin. At first I thought it was a Cero and was like, "oh, the Vizards must have arrived, yippee". But Matsumoto doesn't know any of them, so she can't recognise them -- I don't think she was around during the time of the TBTP mini-arc. And I am 99.9% sure that the look in Matsumoto's eyes in the very last panel is one of recognition. I checked the raw, and the form of "you" she uses there is anata so I think it's safe to assume it's definitely not somebody she dislikes...? No, wait, I'm dumb. It's not あなた but あんた which is... anta? JAPANESE, WHY ARE YOU SO CONFUSING.

ETA: Asked our Japanese engineer, and he says anta is the same as anata but a little more casual. Wiki says anta is informal and usually seen as rude/uneducated, but this is unsourced. I'll go with the native speaker on this one. :P

So I'm trying to remember who's got an attack that's a giant flying ball and can't come up with anything. Then I read the soul_society discussion, and someone has dug up this. That ball looks virtually identical to what Tobiume can produce in its released form... unless Kubo is fucking with us. And if that is indeed Tobiume-wrought kidou, Matsumoto's look of shock/recognition fits perfectly. HAS HINAMORI FINALLY STOPPED WHINING AND IS SHE GOING TO KICK SOME ARRANCAR ASS? Please say it's so! :DDDD

Man, I'm so excited for next week now. sldfkjsldfksjlf
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