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write it in the book of love

I hate embedding videos, so you get a link to the Keith Olbermann closing comment re: Prop 8.

In other news, I have stick figures! I know I said I'd comment with them, but all's fair in love and NaBloPoMo. :P WARNING: THESE ARE MADE OF FAIL TO THE EXTREME!

for witherwings7: Harry loves his broomstick a little too much if you know what I mean. Draco is scandalized. [HP]

for vanishingbee: Nagini/Giant Squid [HP]

for vanishingbee: Uri/Kangaryuu [KHR] + bonus Ryohei

for geewhiz: one-sided unrequited Boromir/Aragorn [LotR]

for silyara: Legolas/Gimli. Elf prince is worried about Galadriel's seductive powers. [LotR]

for silyara: Harry has a thing for white ferrets [HP]

for accioslash: Snape/Harry, mpreg [HP]

for spacefragments: Draco and Pansy having a bitchfight. about anything. [HP]

for shouldknobetter: Crabbe and Goyle playing with a shiny new ball. [HP]

for trolleys: Ed & any cracks about his shrimpiness [FMA]

for incapricious: Ulquiorra seconds away from being blown up by Gokudera? And Ichigo wondering who the dude with the dynamite is. [Bleach/KHR]

for longleggedgit: ISHIDACEST. SEWING. NC-FUCKING-17. BONUS ICHIGO. [Bleach]

for mr_mercutio: Blaise Zabini and the Mirror of Erised [HP]

for karaz: When Harry met Aizen [HP/Bleach]

for shikishi: Edward/Neville, tango lessons [FMA/HP]

for danbi: Hitsugaya and Ed shaking/holding hands! [Bleach/FMA]

for meritjubet: Ed. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your golden hair!" [FMA]

for secretsolitaire: Charlie/Draco, Draco running from a dragon [HP]

for norton_gale: Harry and Draco as rival street mimes [HP]

for denitta: Draco and Legolas - pretty hair contest. [HP/LotR]

for goneril: DOBBY/SOCK. NOT LIKE THAT. [HP]

Tags: crack, fandom:bleach, fandom:fma, fandom:khr, fandom:lotr, gay pride

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