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let's not, and say we did

0001 - From the spam folder: sexual enhancement right now! I read that as "sexual harassment right now!" and thought, boy howdy, people will buy anything these days.

0010 - One last crack art for ideoteca: Renji and Ichigo comparing bankai sizes. [Bleach]

(as an aside, dear Kinney, I ship those two so very hard T_________T)

0011 - Gokudera's character song came up on shuffle this morning and it just hit me -- it's a TANGO, AHHHHHHHHH. Y SO GAY, GOKUDERA? XD I now want some 5980 (or hell, even 8059) where Yamamoto and Gokudera do Italy, with desperate kissing in a rain-drenched cat's alley deep in a seedy part of Venice. And angry blowjobs after Gokudera fails to work their hotel room's espresso machine and blows it up instead. Ngh.

0100 - I am exactly 18 filthy lucres away from the sniff tome in KoL. To celebrate this forthcoming happy acquisition, I took a test: Heart: 15%
Diamond: 38%
Spade: 39%
Club: 7%

0101 - FMA 89! I had to wait until lunch today to read it because last night my attention span was even more gnat-like than usual; I started fifteen things and finished none of them.

So. YAY HAVOC!!!! Also, I love Major General Armstrong more and more every time she appears. *_* Am starting to worry kind of a lot about Al. :S Last chapter, he was trying not to fall for Pride's little boy act, but he is so gentle that he probably will end up falling for it, and Pride will use him somehow ;_;

Also, I went looking for a box set of the FMA manga volumes (in English) but found none. This makes me sadface. Maybe there will be once more than 20 volumes are out?

0110 - Speaking of gnat-like attention spans, OMG two fics are due v. soon. *scrambles to home base*
Tags: crack, fandom:bleach, fandom:fma, fandom:khr, gaming
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