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Bleach 334

Dregs of Hypnosis

Okay, I have to take a moment here to fangirl the chapter title. Gotta hand it to Kubo-sensei; when he gets them wrong, he gets them hilariously wrong, but when he gets them right, boy, does he ever get them right. I think I spent a full minute just staring at that -- it's an unexpected word combo, but it's so apt. <3

With that out of the way, OMGWTFBBQ!!! (AS TENTATIVELY PREDICTED,) HINAMORI APPEARS!!!! AND SHE IS NOT WHINING OR REFUSING TO FIGHT OR ONLY FIGHTING FOR A MAN'S SAKE OR BEING OTHERWISE ANNOYING! To the point where she actually managed to completely redeem herself in my eyes. Gah, how does he do it? HOW. First Ōmaeda and now Hinamori. There are now no characters I despise. None. *_________________________*

Oh, it's another reaction from the Yama Trap of Genocidal Fire. Kira got one, Hisagi didn't rate one, but now Hinamori gets one (I bet the AizenHina shippers are over the moon :D). And I guess this is where the Arrancar get their cocky arrogance from, lolol:

Aizen's subordinates: *getting the shit kicked out of them*
Aizen: Pfft pfft, nothing can help you; I am powerfulest!!!!1

Barring pure arrogance, what the hell is up your sleeve, Aizen? :|

But you know what's interesting? Gin calls him "Captain Aizen" here. I looked at the raw to make sure and the kanji is the same both in this panel and the ones where Hinamori says Captain Aizen and Matsumoto repeats it in her thoughts. Is this just force of habit for him, is he being ironic, or is he, too, misspeaking accidentally? Y SO AMBIGUOUS, GIN?

Hitsugaya! Neither he nor Halibel have released yet, so he's gotta be doing better than Matsumoto. :P The HitsuHina shippers must be over the moon, too, but I still say she's like a sister to him, sry. XP ANYWAY, what are those shards on page 5? Hitsugaya's zanpakutō seems intact, as does Halibel's in the next page, so what just got broken? *hops up and down*

Eheh, Halibel feels a disturbance in the force. >:D

Hitsugaya is, as usual, too cool for school. Gotta love him. He didn't even turn around!

YAY MATSUMOTO AND HINAMORI FIGHTING TOGETHER! Apache looks ridiculous with half her hakama missing, lolol. :D Her weapon is bitchin, though -- I think it's the only double blade besides Shunsui's and Ukitake's.

Seriously, in like three panels, Hinamori has completely won me over. She calmly assessed Apache's ability, found her stronger, and CHALLENGED HER ANYWAY, but not in the usual Bleach-style "bwa ha ha, I will pwn you on guts alone even though I'm weaker!", but using her BRAIN. That's what I'm fuckin' talking about, Hinamori, where have you been all my life, girl. :D

Though I'm worried that the chapter title is actually foreshadowing, and the hypnosis on Hinamori hasn't worn off. :S :S :S


Also, somewhat relatedly, if the spoilers I've read are any indication, this week's KHR carries a huge dose of OMGBBQ!!1! as well. Dammit, I'm supposed to be writing HP fic, not doing frantic re-reads of back chapters to test my theories.
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