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onoz. whatever shall we do with our time

unexpectedly busy day at work is unexpectedly busy! -_- Of course, with my luck, tomorrow morning will be slow as hell and I will be annoyed.


LIVEJOURNAL WILL BE DOWN TOMORROW. They say it's for 4 hours but really, just think of it as 7. That way if they're on schedule, you'll be pleasantly surprised, and if something goes wrong (and something might well do, whether due to a renegade doughnut ending up in the wrong place or just plain old human error) then at least you'll be prepared.

Do read the news post and get their new IPs white-listed if you have control over your spam filters. I'll just hope Gmail will be on the ball. And don't create irate "I CANNOT POST TO MY JOURNAL!"/"FANDOMSECRETS IS NOT LOADING!"/"IT'S NOT LETTING ME UPLOAD THE 50 ICONS I MADE IN CELEBRATION OF LJ'S RETURN" support tickets immediately after LJ comes back up. Because the news post clearly states there will be slowness/annoyance after the site is live again. Seriously, just read it. :P

And just to be on the safe side, back up your LJ! [LJBackup | LJArchive | LJDump | LJBook].
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