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Bleach 335

It came out early this week, but I'm too used to doing this on Fridays. :>

Chimaera Chord

If Kubo doesn't secretly ship them, I'll eat my computer. I MEAN, LOOK AT THEM. GOD.

sdklfj I love the faces Shunsui pulls; he's so adorable. D'awww. And he thinks Stark is no fun, but apparently Stark is even lazier than Shunsui is! Scarier, though. I really wonder if he's going to end up losing because he's too lazy to release (doubtful, but hey. it would be unexpected).

Ukitake, in the meantime, is probably wishing he had some sweets to give Lilinette. He's so adorable. :( Go home and play with a ball or something, sldfkd :( Hope he doesn't get killed, underestimating her. ;_;

I wonder if they're going to switch between the fights like this from now on, or if this was just a sort of progress update and we're fully back to Matsumoto+Hinamori vs Halibel's Fracción next week.

Speaking of Hinamori, I had a total geekgasm on page 16 because omg detailed descriptions of kidō use! And Bakudō 26 "kyakko" is new! As is "fushibi" -- #12, and it must be a hadō spell. Kyakko can be used to conceal other kidō spells, but what exactly is fushibi? Not knowing Japanese, I cannot even begin to guess. :|

Ooh, Halibel's girls all released at once! And.. they... cut off their arms to make a chimera? who appears male, if that bulge is any indication... So does this thing combine Sun-Sun, Apache, and Mila Rose's abilities? Do their arms grow back after it's done? Must knoooooooooooow. *eyes next week*
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