not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

turn it on, listen in, turn it on, listen in

Somebody please talk me out of writing ridiculous H/D songfic to Fall Out Boy's Thnks fr th Mmrs. Or maybe Gokudera/Yamamoto, with Squalo on the side. AHAHAHA >.> WHAT

Also, meme!

Post a screenshot of your browser (close nothing): click!
Post a screenshot of your desktop (close nothing): click!
Paste whatever's in your clipboard: chainsawing spam, listed, red notes, deeplinks, affiliates, dupes
(Well, I *was* sorting through the unreviewed in Arts/Movies at ODP, but the editing server has decided to die on me earlier. Guess I'll have to go back to final edits on this after I finish compiling today's Snitch issue. >:D)
Tags: meme, random
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