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It's too early to tell, but I appear to have been bitten by the ODP bug again.

I've been a volunteer editor there for over seven years, beginning with Arts: Movies: Titles: M: Matrix Series: Matrix, The: Fan Pages. A year later, I was granted editall/catmv status (it means I can edit in almost all areas of the directory and am able to move/rename existing categories). I had done about 7000 edits when that happened; right now I'm at over 30K. o_o

My relationship with the whole editor gig is pretty weird -- sometimes months go by with me logging in only once or twice a month just to take care of the 2-3 dead links in the Matrix Series category, and maybe some other housekeeping-type things in other areas. But sometimes I spend hours and hours hunting down dead links and sorting unreviewed submissions into proper categories. But a few days later, the urge passes, and I relapse to lazy/sporadic.

I am a completist by nature ("collect them all" is a phrase coined to rope in people like me >.>). It appeals to me when I can clear a particular cat's unreviewed queue and/or to clear all the reds (dead links) in a large branch. This last one is harder than it sounds, because it's not just deleting -- first I have to make sure the site really and truly doesn't exist anymore; deleting sites is a Bad Thing. There are a number of other Bad Things in the fairly comprehensive editor guidelines, which I re-read occasionally.

Sometimes doing too much of all this makes me feel disheartened. Because no matter how much I do in my particular area, the rest of the directory always needs massive amounts of work -- and because I'm an editall, I'm able to see just how much. ._. And so I run away from it, usually for months at a time. But since Friday, I've made a decent-ish dent in the Arts/Movies backlog, and I'm still having fun. :D
Tags: links, online culture, random

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