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honeshtly man i jus' read it fer the articlesh

Something bad!. I have Thinky Thoughts on this but I'm still organising them. Also, I'm lazy.

Something worse! Owning comic-books the government deems obscene is apparently a criminal offence now!

Something AWESOME. Blogging is good for your health.

Also, LiveJournal updated their privacy policy on November 24th. Details here. I've decided that I will practise the Zen Approach to Reading LJ Official-Type Posts. It involves not reading the comments. Because, wow, there are some really annoyingly entitled little twits inhabiting this space.

And now, for a random poll! I don't find it offensive, but I'm the one who's posting it, so. Cutting juuuust in case. :P

Poll #1304353 blah blah

Referring to menstrual blood as "dead baby juice" is:

...kinda funny >.>
...scientifically inaccurate
...evil and WRONG.
...I don't believe it! It's a restrictive series of ticky boxen! OTHER. OTHER!!!

...I think I'm going to come down with a cold in the next few days. Please let it be AFTER my dentist's appointment. -_-

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