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Bleach 336

So I read this last night and then went to bed (it was late). And then I woke up and thought I must have dreamt it. So I read it again and nope, didn't dream it.

El Verdugo

(Babelfish says this means "the twig". Oh, Kubo. You master of understatement, you.) Unless it's a reference to Matsumoto, in which case ;____________________; elizardbits informs me that it actually means "The Executioner" in this instance, which makes a hell of a lot more sense.

So each of Halibel's Fracción rips off her left arm, and then the three arms meld into an obviously male, um, thingy named Allon that is their *cough* pet. Please, please tell me I'm not the only one whose mind went straight to the gutter and stayed there for all eternity. >_>

Also, Allon is apparently a Dementor.

WHICH I PROMPTLY FORGOT ABOUT BECAUSE OMFG PAGE 6 WHAT MATSUMOTO IS MISSING LIKE HALF HER TORSO OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN NOOOO. ;_; (and right after it happens, what the hell is Allon holding pinched between its thumb and forefinger? o.o Is that an organ or just BASICALLY HALF OF MATSUMOTO'S TORSO OMFG CRYING)

BUT she is alive!!! Because later on, she was still gasping, so at least she's able to draw breath for the moment. Seriously, people. These are spirits (exceptionally strong ones), not humans; they can take a lot of damage and not die. But omfg if Matsumoto were to die? ;_____: NOOOOOOOOOO.

But how amazing is Ukitake? T_T with the puppy dog eyes not even really fighting Lilinette, just blocking her swings (AND A CERO. UNARMED. HOLY SHIT). Despite the Captain Tuberculosis thing, Ukitake is actually one of the two captains who have been there since the Gotei 13 was formed, so his experience level must be through the roof. I really hope we'll see him actually fighting soon. *_*

New bakudō!! No. 8; seki -- it forms a transparent but tough shield in front of body parts, presumably. So kind of like a localised Protego (what's with all the HP-ish things in this chapter? :P Oh, brain.)

God, Ukitake is so badass. *_* Too bad Lilinette looks too stubborn to see sense; next chapter she'll probably release (and Ukitake will probably have a coughing fit at the worst possible time, sldfjsldkfksdfsjdfl;).

Another new bakudō -- No. 37; tsuriboshi -- this one looks like it creates a safety net.

OMG MATSUMOTO. EVERYTHING UNDER HER RIBS? CRYING WHY. Annnnnd there goes Hinamori, too. And Inoue is nowhere near them AHHH ;_; Please survive. :(((((

omg. When I saw those chains around Allon's arm, I actually made a little squealing noise. *shames* >.> AHHH HISAGI WHY ARE YOU SO GREAT. Kira is awesome too, but omg look at Hisagi. *_* He looks especially pissed off -- I wonder: some of those end-of-chapter scribbles in the official manga (I haven't seen them online) showed Hisagi fantasising about rescuing Matsumoto from a really evil Kira in a snowball fight. There was a nosebleed of crushitude and everything! :D Hisagi/Matsumoto is so. cute. But even without that, they're friends, so I guess he's got a really good reason to look that pissed off. BUT OMG BADASS HISAGI IS BADASS. BADASS KIRA IS BADASS. THIS FIGHT IS GOING TO BE SO AMAZING.

I wonder if Kubo will show Gin's reaction to Matsumoto's near-death (I refuse to believe she's actually going to die. Awesome characters don't die in Bleach; that's against the rules. PLEASE LET IT BE SO, WAH).
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