not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

i do it because i want to, not to stay in the game

So it's official. You guys are all a bunch of crackwhores just like me. XP You also like kittens and handcuffs (!!)

1 - [H/D] In which Draco is a size queen, a rentboy, and a Veela (crack)
2 - [H/D] The Christmas Special (AKA the one with the freakin' kittens)
3 - [H/D] The one with handcuffs and experimental potions

Honourable mentions:
[H/D] The one with the switched bodies
[H/D] The sooper-sekrit AU

Thanks, seriously -- now I have some semblance of order in my ficcing life. :D Still working on the HP pinch hit and two KHR fics (two, because I totally forgot to mention khr_exchange yesterday >.> HAHAHA OH ME, OH SELF).

In other news! hp_yule_balls and hd_holidays both start posting in just a few hours! hp_darkfest reveals are up on Wednesday! YOU GUYS, WE'VE NEARLY MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR. :D

Tags: ficathons, writing
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