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Bleach 337 just a moment. First, a meme, because longleggedgit tagged me. The rules are that for 8 days, you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same.

What made me happy today is Hall in Your Inferno

Holy crap, I love that middle panel on the first page -- the one where it's all from Apache's perspective. Kind of gives you an idea of the scope of the whole thing; usually everything is in close-ups and it's hard to get an idea of where they are spatially, but yeah. I really like that panel.

Okay, I know we're not really supposed to like the Arrancar, but how can I not, when Apache makes these Rukia-ish funny faces? "DAMN IT, ALLON, LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU, BITCH! IT'S GOTTA HAVE EARDRUMS SOMEWHERE!" ahahaha. XD

Huh, how interesting. Sun-Sun's never seen Allon respond to anything they say -- so they don't actually control the chimaera they themselves create? What if it turns on them? o.o And Apache actually says they should never have brought it out -- uh oh.

Hisagi just told Kira he'll deal with it! Following up on the fannish outrage from last chapter when he said a similar thing to a very injured Hinamori -- wow, DOES THIS MEAN HISAGI IS SEXIST AGAINST KIRAS? XPPPPPP

OMG Kira's little FACE on page 4. slkdfsjdjsf so adorable <3333 And Hisagi being all >:O at him. They're so cute. This will make the ShuuKira shippers so happy. :D

Wait... what? KIRA WAS FOURTH DIVISION? but!! Didn't Aizen say he only sent Renji away from the 5th? I guess not? Or...? So... the 50-or-so-years-ago!trio's progress through the Gotei 13 was like:

Renji: 5th division --> 11th division --> 6th division (as vice-captain)
Hinamori: 5th division (eventually vice-captain)
Kira: 5th division --> 4th division --> 3rd division (as [eventually?] vice-captain)? OR
4th division --> 5th division --> 3rd division? WHICH IS IT MUST KNOW ARGH

Anyway, if there are any Kira/Hanatarō shippers out there, I bet this one made them happy. XD

Aww, Kira's embarrassed little smirk: "That was a long time ago". SERIOUSLY WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE. ;_;

Ooh, another new bakudō, "tozansho"! It enclosed Kira and Hinamori in that barrier -- I wonder how strong it is :S 'Cause going by the fact that by the end, Allon throws Hisagi aside and starts approaching the barrier... IDEK :S

omg Matsumoto please be okay ;_;

And another new hadō -- tsuzuri raiden. It... electrifies things? Sends a current through them? Cool. :D

WTF THIS ALLON THING IS SO TERRIFYING. It doesn't talk, it doesn't even have eyes[?], and ITS HEAD CAN SPIN AROUND FREELY WTF OMG KILL IT PLZ D: And it's fast; holy shit! Was it going to try and eat Hisagi before Iba showed up? D: D: AND IT ACTUALLY HAS EYES ON THE BACK OF ITS HEAD? Or what the hell was that thing if not an eye. s;dfkslfjs;fsdflskd Has any other HM creature shot ceros from their eyes before? ALSO, DID IT JUST KILL IBA? D: D:

And Yamamoto shows up. Which... what? WHO IS MAINTAINING THE WALL OF FLAMIN' GENOCIDE against Aizen, Tōsen, and Gin?

WHERE IS KOMAMURA? I bet his bankai could take Allon out in a jiffy.


Man, I love this series.

I tag: no one, because I am the Meme Killa.

(*) I wonder if we'll ever get to see BLEACH 1337. Because that would be awesome. And very, very far in the future.
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