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damnation is waiting in the mirror but you shouldn't mind

0001 - I bought a copy of Beedle the Bard last Friday, along with the latest official Bleach volume. I re-read the manga volume that night. Beedle the Bard is still sitting on the shelf. I've already read the stories back when they were posted online someplace, so the only point of interest would be the notes. Frankly? From the posts I've seen about them, I don't really care to read the notes. Harry Potter is my fandom. Not JKR's inner moral landscape. Anyway, I've done my fannish duty and paid for the thing. Maybe I'll give it a read one day when I'm bored. NEXT!

0010 - A meme, because geewhiz tagged me. Think of some things you hate. Type those out and post them. Tag some people.

01. Winter. I hate the cold, the drivers whose stupidity shines brightest in this lovely season, the way you know it's going to be a major snowfall because you can hear a dull roar in the wind.

02. Being tagged for memes. XP

03. Badfic. I can't even like it in the "AHAHAH THIS IS SO BAD IT'S HILARIOUS" sense; I may giggle along at Summary Executions and MSTings and such, but I will never not hate all overwritten, cliche-ridden, not-even-a-little-bit-proofread, wish-fulfillment-fantasy dreck.

04. Not having time to do everything I want right away. *eyes fics, unanswered comments, and meta posts* :<

05. People who equate forthrightness with aggression and behave accordingly. No, your world-view is not law. Shut the fuck up and go join a fucking knitting circle.

I tag: no one, because I am the Meme Killa.

0011 - *shifts gears* Happy meme, day 5! All the nice things people said at the hogwarts_elite lazy superlatives meme! I'm heading over there to comment now. :D Also, the End of Term Feast. *\o/*
Tags: meme, random

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