not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

lock your door the rain is pouring

05:20; Highway 401. - 3 tractor trailers and several assorted passenger vehicles of smaller size: *collide*
08:00; Casa de f. - f: *scrapes ice off car, muttering*
08:20; Bellatrix (f's car). - f's iPod: *plays awesome music and makes f forget all about checking the radio for traffic reports*
08:40; Rexdale blvd 401 turn-off. - f: *turns Bella onto highway, wondering what's going on with all those cars, but figuring something must've happened up on the 400 and it'll all clear in a mo*
09:40; Highway 401. ~4km from the Rexdale turnoff. - traffic: *stands around whistling* (f: *is in the traffic*)
10:30; f's workplace. - f: *walks in, eye twitching*
11:00; Ditto. - Everything: *goes wrong*
11:15; Still at work. - f's mother: *calls to ask unrelated questions whilst f in middle of everything having just gone wrong* (hint: this is a really bad idea. if I pick up with a "WHAT?" instead of a "Hello?", it's best to just pretend your cat is on fire and say you'll call me later.)
16:30; Take a guess. - f: *finishes fixing everything*
17:05; Back behind the wheel. - f: *decides to go shopping as planned despite horrible, awful, terrible, no-good day*
18:00; Yorkdale Shopping Centre. - shopping: *is fruitless*
18:45; A&W @ Yorkdale - f's awfully unhealthy dinner: *is overpriced, approximately 7 minutes late, tastes horrible*
19:00; Yorkdale car park. f: *smokes* Screw you guys. I'm going home. :|

The only thing making me happy about today (day 6) is that it's OVER. Happy meme fail! :P

Tags: meme, random

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