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Bleach 338

Fall Into My Inferno

I realised earlier this week that Soi Fon is probably fighting Baragan, which is why she's not showing up to save the day. But that still doesn't explain where Komamura's got to.

Aww, Kira is so adorable with the apologising. ;_; Though I wonder if he's apologising as a matter of course, or if he had some special orders from Yamamoto? Hmm.

Ew, so the Allon thing can talk. Even if the only thing it ever says is "Oh" in varying pitch/length. >.> And it can heal itself instantaneously. They haven't shown Apache, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun, but I wonder if he uses them for the regeneration (which would explain why Apache expressed reservations about having summoned Allon in the last chapter).

Ahah, Yamamoto so has a punishment kink. XD

Kira's faces throughout Allon's Aria of Extreme Regeneration were priceless. >.>

Huh, and Allon also transformed -- is that like a release? And now it's narrowing its eyes. SOMEBODY PLEASE KILL IT ALREADY. JESUS WHAT IT GOT BIGGER. D:

Oooh! Number one, Nadegiri -- finally we get to see more of Ryuujinjakka's abilities. I guess it's like Byakuya's bankai stages, only Yamamoto has shikai stages? Or is that his bankai? I really hope not, because if Yamamoto, by all accounts the most powerful character in the series, needs bankai to defeat a mere Fracción chimaera, eeep.

YAY YAMAMOTO IS SO AMAZING. I'm so glad Kubo seems to be giving him more pagetime lately; maybe we'll find out more about his background. He annoys me often with how inflexible he seems, but I'm also fascinated by him and the tricks still up his sleeve. :>

...and um. The Allon thing is trying to reassemble itself after being cut in half by Yamamoto? WHAT THE FUCK WHAT IS THAT THING UGH. DO NOT WANT. JUST DIE. DDDDDDDDDD:

As an aside, I realise this is a shōnen manga and so the fights are almost always going to be structured so that there's character focus, but man, if Aizen had made Szayel Aporro research Allon-like chimaeras and gained the ability to create an army of them? Soul Society (and the world along with it) would be toast. Because seriously, even though that thing can't handle Yamamoto alone, imagine a hundred Allons. :O

So I guess next week we'll find out what happens to Halibel's Fracción after their chimaera is defeated. And maybe we'll see Kyōraku and Ukitake again! Or Hitsugaya! I hope Matsumoto, Hisagi, and Iba are okay. :((((((

Also, it doesn't look like we're going to see Ichigo again until the new year. Unless there's another colour spread or a random "meanwhile, back at the Las Noches ranch..." interlude. I really miss Ichigo. ;_;

Happy meme, day 8! IT'S FRIDAY! :D In conclusion, the things which make me happy appear to be either fannish, materialistic, related to writing, or related to not being at work (& the prospect thereof). Hmmm. I wonder if that means something. Nahhhh. XP
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