not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
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will you make the grade

0001 - OMG. ISHIDA PEOPLE. lookit the pretty art! (borderline NWS) this is not helping my Earnest Plan to Just Say No To Quincest. But I mean, who else would do this? Mayuri? *shudder*

0010 - Meme, swiped from somebody ages ago, and just found languishing in my text files. Post 5 of your "fandom truths" -- things YOU think are true but aren't necessarily true in general. Mine are kind of random!

#01. Harry tops. So do Ichigo and Gokudera. XP

#02. A drabble is exactly 100 words long.

#03. Songfics are awesome. >.> *ducks*

#04. Mpreg, however, is not. >.> *runs*

#05. The quantity of bad fan fiction is inversely proportional to the quantity of bad fan art. Do I really need to specify which is the larger number? XP

0011 - I've paid very little attention to the holiday fests mostly because I've been writing pinch hits for them pretty much since posting began. >.> Is there anything in hd_holidays that you think I might like? obviously, "what I might like" and "what you liked" are not necessarily synonymous. I'm pretty much impossible to please when it comes to Harry/Draco these days, though. :|

0100 - This week's Reborn chapter was... unsettling. :S

0101 - It's loooooooooooong rollover time in KoL. Off I go to write the latest pinch hit! Or possibly look for more Ishida icons. And Shinji! :>

0110 -
Tags: fandom:bleach, fandom:hp, fandom:khr, meme, recs
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