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Okay, so it's not a secret that I have unholy OCD when it comes to organising/categorising things. Like my music collection. As a rule, if I have more than one song by a particular artist, I will create a subdirectory with that artist's name and put all songs by that artist there. I've recently culled everything that isn't a favourite because I have way too much music as it is, and I don't want to hang on to stuff I just keep skipping when it comes up on my iPod.

As I did this, it came to my attention that I am somewhat bothered if there are only two songs in a particular subdirectory. As I said above, once there are two songs, I create a subdirectory... but only two songs just look wrong to me (three or more don't). So I AM LOOKING FOR RECOMMENDATIONS. Under the cut is a list of artists -- if you know any songs by those artists that you think are awesome (aside from the ones I already have), please tell me! I will find them and see if I think they're awesome too, and then hopefully I will no longer eyetwitch when looking at those subdirectories, because they will have more than 2 songs! DON'T JUDGE ME IT'S AN AFFLICTION. ;_;


Even if you can't suggest anything, thank you for looking!!! <3

lolcutCollapse )

ETA: I just have to say YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I'm going to need a spreadsheet. :D :D
Tags: music

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