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I got a lovely piece of (totally worksafe) 8059 fanart from burnt_kaekie over at khr_exchange! ♥♥♥ SO HAPPY. :D I may or may not have mentioned it about a frillion times before, but I am beyond ridiculous about this pairing. *_*

And because I feel like mixing it up this year and NOT being 100% joyful! [highlight to read the bitching :P]
I read this article the other day (don't remember who linked it, sorry), and I enjoyed it until I got to the last paragraph:
As [real name redacted] – a longtime fan fiction aficionado known online as Merlin Missy or Dr Merlin – writes in her Guide to Fan Fiction, that's the key: "Really, though, there is one single overriding reason that I and most everyone I know writes fan fiction for the internet: FAN MAIL!"

Fan mail? Fan mail? She's calling fic reviews fan mail? And zomg does everyone rly write fan fiction for the ~*~fan mail~*~? We're all like, thirteen??

Bitch, please.

Though, truthfully, this does help shed a LOT of light on why ~85% or so of the ficcer population are so fucking catty about their review counts. It's ~*~FAN MAIL~*~ don'tchaknow. And it's the only reason any of us ever produce anything! Oh, HP fandom. Just when I think I'm used to all your wanky ways, you spew up a freshly oozing gob of epic fail.

*stops being Grinchy and goes back to Amaretto, chocolate, and playing Santa *<|:D*
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