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I was going to do that "fic year in review" meme but I'd just be listing chapter after chapter of Interregnum, which, along with H/D Big Bang 3, was the year's big project. So instead I'm just posting first lines from non-chaptered fics I did this year (not counting the holiday fics):

Unforgivable. [the imperius curse - HP; H/D; PG-13; non-con]

A sunbeam slid across the duvet cover, prying Draco's eyes open. [a lifetime of afters - HP; H/D; NC-17; non-con]

Good-byes are ugly things, but nothing is more revolting than a funeral. [nothing ventured (nothing lost) - HP; H/D; NC-17]

"Sirius is being tortured NOW!" shouted Harry. "We haven't got time to waste." [This is actually JKR's line, not mine! It seems every year I have at least one fic that starts with a canon quote...] [boys don't cry - HP; H/D; NC-17 - co-written with pocket-san ♥]

The robes all around Draco are hot and scratchy, but he doesn't complain. [conspiracy of silence - HP; H/D; R]

Tatsuki liked waking up before everyone else. [4am eternal - Bleach; gen; PG]

Vongola IX is celebrating his birthday for the fifth time this week. [neither distance nor time - KHR; 8059; PG-13]

In terms of annual word count, I'm about at the same place I was last year, but I wrote relatively few fics this year (and 5 of them are not even listed above). Totally not the plan for next year -- I have ideas coming out of my ears for HP, Bleach, and KHR. *happy* :D

I'm re-reading Reborn! It's totally fun (they were all so cute back when it was just daily life stuff >.>) Target 19

59: What are you doing here?
80: I don't have club activities today so I'm just a person with nothing to do, like you.
59: HEY! How dare you say I have nothing to do? Don't put me together with the likes of you!
80: Weren't you the one who was smoking on the park bench just a while ago, saying, "I'm bored" to the pigeons?

*_* Yamamoto stalks Gokudera in the park! THE EPIC LOVE. IT IS EPIC. (Also, Gokudera talks to pigeons when he thinks nobody is looking! WHY SO CUTE. T_T I bet he also talks to household objects too. And furniture.)



I'm also working my way through the last of the music recs people gave last week -- my OCD, she is being appeased hardcore. Thanks again, everyone. ♥

Hmm, that reminds me -- I have lolcats to upload. :D
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