not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

Bleach 340

:S The spoilers from last week?

All true. Oh, man.

The Antagonizer

*_* RENJI! GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN, MAN -- PLEASE DON'T GET YOUR ASS KICKED THIS TIME, OKAY? :D Though he was fighting with shikai only, so I imagine he hasn't been overextending himself fighting the Exequias.

Chad's looking pretty lively too. :D And Rukia! :DD

But... where's Ishida. I know, I know, he's going to jump out from behind a rock in the next chapter and pwn Rudobōn! :D Though Renji's bankai might do for that one, too, hmm.

Ichigo continues to be badass, though I'm worried what's going to happen to him once Ulquiorra releases. Still, withstanding a cero without his Hollow mask? Damn. IT'S NOT TOO LONG NOW UNTIL ICHIGO!CERO... :D

BUT. AARGH. WHAT DID AIZEN DO TO INOUE? WHEN? Was it when he had showed her the Hōguyoku? IS IT THE OUTFIT? Or is Ulquiorra lying?

From what I understand, this is actually a leaked chapter and this issue of WSJ comes out next week. Which means TWO MOAR WEEKS OF WAITING FOR THE ANSWER ARGH.
Tags: fandom:bleach

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