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Collection of links related to the latest from the LiveJournal front.

Valleywag: The Russian Bear Slashes a Social Network. The number of layoffs it cites is wrong -- they got the scoop on this, it looks like, but it's not a good idea to take a Gawker article at face value.

no_lj_ads: LJ in 2009 -- The Grim Purge.

azurelunatic: Support means just that. LiveJournal Lays Off Majority Of US Staff, Will Operate From Moscow -- the numbers are still wrong, but it's interesting for the "will operate from Moscow" angle.

Mashable: Report: LiveJournal on Life Support -- They're still linking to Gawker and citing Gawker's numbers (it's a bit fascinating to watch wrong information spread through the media...) However, this also includes an unattributed "statement" from LiveJournal regarding the layoffs.
"LiveJournal Inc. today announced a restructuring of their US and Russian operations to more effectively manage costs in light of the global economic downturn.

LiveJournal Inc.'s headquarters, technical operations (and servers,) legal, administration and the customer service teams will remain in the United States. LiveJournal's global product development and design will now be coordinated out of its Moscow office. The pooling of resources between the US and Russia will allow the company to build a stronger business model, well positioned to guarantee the long-term success of LiveJournal.

As a result of these changes Matthew Berardo, VP and General Manager of LiveJournal Inc., will be leaving the company along with other valued colleagues. Mr Berardo has played the leading role in consolidating product and design effort to enable the business to more effectively streamline costs during his tenure. LiveJournal Inc. will now be led jointly by Stephanie Gravelle, currently LiveJournal Inc.’s director of finance and administration and Sergei Komarov, currently CTO of SUP (the owners of LiveJournal)."
CustomPC: LiveJournal announces mass layoffs -- this one doesn't have any new information, but acknowledges that Valleywag's numbers are unofficial.

Adotas: LiveJournal Layoffs -- no new information, linking in case there are interesting comments later.

WebProNews: LiveJournal Makes Deep Personnel Cuts -- ditto.

The Washington Post has picked up the story, but it's the same as the PaidContent article above.

Silicon Alley Insider: Livejournal Implodes: 20 Of 27 Staff Let Go -- gets the numbers even wronger and actually claims this is the end of LJ. Idiots.

CNET's The Social: LiveJournal confirms layoffs, says rumored numbers exaggerated -- Debunks Gawker's numbers, citing a statement from LJ that LJ has yet to release here.

LiveJournal's official press release.

techwhack: LiveJournal confirm job cuts rumor -- nothing new.

Herald de Paris: Livejournal on the Ropes? Russian owner slashes staff -- cites Valleywag but gets the number wrong the other way. *facepalm*

synecdochic: Don't Panic™

Either way, hope everyone's got their towels!

I'll keep updating this as I find new info.
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