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0001 - So, FMA91. OMG ALPHONSE ;_____________; OH MY HEART. Why is he so great? I love him so much. :( :( I hope he can hold his own, but going up against Pride and Kimblee, eep.

ENVY. Okay, I... like Envy, actually. It's nice to see him back. But I'm worried about Mei now -- what WAS that look on her face? She didn't seem scared or upset, but... happy. What is she up to? :O

And holy Kinney on a Vespa, how amazing is Major General Armstrong? *_* I know that's all I ever say about her, but damn.

So the Father vs Hohenheim showdown is about to happen. This should be interesting.

0010 - That new Sorting Hat test that's been making the rounds.


You scored 42% Order/Chaos, and 37% Moral/Rational

Chaotic Rationality. You don't think much of rules and restrictions; you look at things from an analytical perspective and probably think morality is relative to some extent. Your strength lies in being able to make your own judgments and form your own strategies uninhibited by others; your weakness lies in the wariness other people may have of you, perceiving you as dangerous.

You join people like Theodore Nott, Severus Snape, and Horace Slughorn.

The 4-grid I used to determine this is as follows:

Chaotic Orderly
Moral Gryffindor Hufflepuff
Rational Slytherin Ravenclaw

Take The Sorting Hat Test

0011 - In other news! I promised people one-sentence fics!

incognito asked for Ichigo/Ishida, ice [Bleach]

Ishida had hit his head too hard on the ice when he'd fallen; that was the only reason he was kissing Kurosaki back.

incognito asked for Ichigo/Ichigo, awesome [Bleach]

Even though Ichigo had vowed to never believe anything his nameless enemy told him, having that done to him actually did feel pretty awesome.

incognito asked for Ichigo, Nel, bunnies [Bleach]

Nel's bunny drawings are not much better than Rukia's, but Ichigo doesn't mind -- she's just a kid.

acromantular asked for Gollum/Legolas, running [Lord of the Rings]

The look on the strange withered creature's face alarmingly resembled looks he had often received from maidens at his father's court, and so Legolas ran.

uminohikari asked for Hibari, rubber ducky [Reborn]

The now-deceased rubber ducky had committed the unfortunate crime of being the precise shade of yellow as that one troublesome person's hair.

incapricious asked for Gin/Kira, midnight [Bleach]

Whenever midnight approaches, Kira's mind still fills with a mixture of dread and anticipation, but Captain Ichimaru will never slip through his door again.

incapricious asked for Isshin/Urahara, closet [Bleach]

"Looking for the Hougyoku" was clearly not an acceptable answer to "why are you hiding in my closet when I'm doing private things", Urahara reflected, probing at the Sai Isshin had put on him.

masakochan asked for Ulquiorra/Orihime. Sun. [Bleach]

Orihime hadn't expected Ulquiorra to scream "I'M MELTING" when they walked out into Karakura town's dazzling sunshine, but that was exactly what happened.

elizardbits asked for Bill the Pony/Merovingian and tater tots [Lord of the Rings / The Matrix]

"Don't interrupt me, Persephone -- can't you see I'm feeding tater tots to this adorable animal?"

arabwel asked for Merovingian/Twins [The Matrix]

Merovingian always thought that two dicks were better than one, and now he had proof.

djin7 asked for Roy/Ed "This world is mine for the taking. Make me king, as we move toward a new world order." [FMA]

This changes nothing, Fullmetal -- if I must use you, I will.

gossymer asked for armor!Al and kitties, bang [FMA / uh, kitties]

Alphonse usually doesn't mind the cat, but its somewhat malicious tendency to knock his head off is a little tiresome.

torak303 asked for Trinity/Switch [The Matrix]

It's not that Trinity didn't have anything important to say to Switch that day; she just couldn't say it in front of Neo and Apoc.

pectus_pectoris asked for Merry/Pippin, stilts [Lord of the Rings]

"There's no way I can reach your pecker from down here, Pip."

The rest are coming tomorrow! :D
Tags: crack, fandom:bleach, fandom:fma, fandom:khr, fandom:lotr, fandom:matrix, meme

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