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0001 - hp_gen_ch is now defunct! I've closed membership to the comm and removed everyone except a sock maintainer -- the comm will stay up as an archive. The reason I didn't put the comm up for adoption is that there's no point having a gen challenge community with omniocular around. I have always hated the idea of 29382 comms for the same thing, so I don't want to contribute to it.

0010 - Anyway, the rest of the one-sentence fic requests --

incognito asked for Ichigo/Rukia, heart [Bleach]

In the end, Ichigo didn't put a hand over his heart or any of that other noble-minded nonsense; Rukia said yes anyway.

incognito asked for Ichigo/Byakuya, breaking the rules [Bleach]

Byakuya didn't know if he should be pleased or annoyed that there was nothing in the Gotei 13 rule books about captains consorting with substitute Shinigami.

incognito asked for Ichigo/Renji, an unexpected trip [Bleach]

After being forced to train in West Rukongai to avoid making low-level Shinigami pass out, Ichigo and Renji found a few new interesting ways to pass the time between rounds of fighting.

acromantular asked for Gollum/Neo. Shoes [Lord of the Rings / The Matrix]

Neo didn't know why the freakish creature trailing after him kept muttering, "shoesssss, preciousssss", but after a while, it became sort of cute.

mizbean asked for Orihime/Rukia, awake [Bleach]

Even years later, Inoue still addresses her as Kuchiki-san -- except in those sleepy, jumbled moments first thing in the morning.

incapricious asked for Chad/Nova, crowd [Bleach (+anime filler)]

Nova used to think even two people were a crowd -- until Chad came along.

mr_mercutio asked for Gimli & Treebeard, wood [Lord of the Rings]

Gimli never did get to visit Fangorn Forest again before sailing to the Undying Lands with Legolas; it seemed Treebeard could hold grudges with the best of them.

midnight_birth asked for Frodo/Sam. Pig [Lord of the Rings]

Even when Mr Frodo looks like he's just taken a bath in approximately eighteen mud puddles, Sam still loves him.

symetric asked for Roy/Ed. Lost [FMA]

Edward Elric had been a lost little boy when they met; as a young man, Edward was no longer lost, but he would always be special to Roy Mustang.

harrysde asked for Tom Bombadil/Old Man Willow, rain [Lord of the Rings]

"I was just checking Old Man Willow for new shoots after the rain," Tom Bombadil always told people about that incident.

danbi asked for Isshin/Ryuuken, pasta salad [Bleach]

"I didn't know pasta salad could be used so... ornamentally," Isshin remarked, picking gemelli out of his hair and doing his best to ignore Ryuuken's death glare.

meritjubet asked for Rukia/Ed, the matter of freakishly tall people [Bleach / FMA]

Ed had a gigantic suit of armour for a brother, and Rukia's brother towered even over people taller than himself -- clearly it would be a match made in heaven.

djin7 asked for Ed/Ling "Nobody can hurt me without my permission." [FMA]

"I let Greed take me because that way we can both win, you idiot of an alchemist."

gossymer asked for Hitsugaya/Edward, weapons [Bleach / FMA]

No matter which way you cut it -- with a zanpakutou, a steak knife, or using alchemy -- they were both very, very short.

carlatron asked for Gandalf/Morpheus, YOU SHALL NOT PASS [Lord of the Rings / The Matrix]

"Well, I'd say "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" is a little dramatic; I just want to use the john," groused Morpheus, sidestepping the white-haired wizard.

grey_hunter asked for Neo/Legolas, WTF Déjà vu [The Matrix / Lord of the Rings]

The Worst Pick-Up Line Ever award went to Neo, for "I could have sworn I saw a beautiful blond elf like you in my dreams last night."

pectus_pectoris asked for Neo/Smith/Trinity/Morpheus, sunglasses [The Matrix]

Despite Agent Smith's protestations, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus finally decided on "it doesn't matter who's fucking whom; we can't see anything in these goddamned sunglasses anyway."

micro_raptor asked for Fangorn / Gandalf. On Wizardly staves [Lord of the Rings]

"Burarum, Gandalf, don't take me for a fool -- the Istari trees can't possibly be dead before they're born."

0011 - In other news, AI season 8 begins tomorrow! :D There's apparently a fourth judge this year, too, which made me wonder: I've never watched a season with a guest judge -- how do they decide if the vote is split down the middle? Coin toss? Veto-ing poor Paula? Anyone? Bueller?
Tags: crack, fandom:ai, fandom:bleach, fandom:fma, fandom:lotr, fandom:matrix, meme

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