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Bleach 341

The Envy

what what what!! What are Loly & Menoly plotting? (well, I should really say Loly only, because Menoly definitely doesn't look like she wants to be there) But hmm, Aizen told them it was the only chance to take her down... so... um... what exactly does he plan to do with her once he has the Ouken? (which he's of course assuming he'll succeed at.) Whatever it is clearly does not require that she remain alive. ._.

I am kind of starting to worry. In the SOULS book, there is the original ch01 of Bleach, and in that, Inoue died. :| :|

Alternatively, Ulquiorra may not have been lying in the last chapter, and maybe once Aizen is back, Inoue will have become an Arrancar, and thus will be off-limits? But that can't be right; Grimmjow offed Luppi quite casually without any apparent retribution from Aizen (or Tousen, for that matter). And anyway, how would Inoue become an Arrancar? She's not even Shinigami; she's human with some powers! Argh.

Also, no reaction from Ichigo about what Ulquiorra said last time (re: Inoue is "one of us" now)? Or is the increased fighting prowess supposed to be Ichigo's reaction? Sneaky, sneaky Kubo. :|

...and Ichigo is actually able to fight Ulquiorra and make him pull faces of "OMG I AM SO SURPRISED YOUR ATTACK WAS SUCCESSFUL!" Also, when Ichigo begins thinking about his ability to fight, is that actually a conversation with the Hollow inside?


"Whether it's because I've become more like a Hollow or you've become more like a human, I don't know"....



WRONG THING TO SAY, ICHIGO >.> Apparently Ulquiorra's got serious insecurities about becoming human, because he doesn't even consider the other thing (that Ichigo is more of a Hollow now -- which, given that he's been fighting in Hueco Mundo for days on end, would make a lot more sense >.>). Instant rage-induced power-up!

Aw, man, I was sure Ulquiorra would release then, but not yet, apparently. Come on Ichigo, accuse him of something equally heinous, like butterfly collecting! Oh wait never mind Ulquiorra actually does do that.

...waitaminnit... Santen Kesshun can be shot to protect people from a distance? I don't think we've seen that before, but I could be wrong. I need to re-read the manga. In general, Inoue's ability does seem to have changed -- back when Ken-chan was fighting Nnoitra, the Bubble o' Healing had repelled Ichigo, and Ichigo remarked that that was weird. And now a long-distance rejection shield?

At least there is no TWO WEEK BREAK OF DOOM this time! Come on next week. sdklfjsldjf;skdfjs
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