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paper airplanes, dynamite, and flirting: an essay on training young mafiosi

...or not. XD imadra_blue (whom I have dragged kicking and screaming through the initial crack of Reborn and who now confesses to being mildly hooked >.>) thinks it would be a fascinating essay topic. I agree, but I am way too lazy to write an essay. So instead you get random Monday evening spewage.

0001 - So hogwarts_elite has landed itself on fandom_wank again but wow, it's not even funny wank. Like... I mean, it would be pretty funny if it hadn't been done by other people 239829 times before -- they just didn't, you know, announce it to the whole world. This kid is acting like she invented applying to a sorting community multiple times to see if she could be sorted in every house. Seriously old meme. That girl who got Squibbed, then was sorted into Slytherin like 5 times only to be discovered and booted out each time was far more amusing. Hmmm, it would be hilarious if this new one is actually her. I will pretend it is because then at least the wank becomes marginally amusing. And a portion of the f_w commenters don't even appear to know what a sorting community actually does! Which kind of makes their attempts at being haughtily disdainful a little hard not to snicker at. I'm just saying. >.>

0010 - Anyway, moving on. It is not a secret that I hate winter. However, these days I hate it even more, because every single happy fuzzy-feeling Yamamoto/Gokudera plot bunny I get in the morning turns into gloomy angst by the time my commute to work is finished. Winter is depressing and it's making me unable to write the happy fluff I want to write. No, I have not been abducted by aliens; I just found a pairing that makes me want to write happy fluffy shit about them! Because, unlike with H/D, fluff is actually IN CHARACTER for them (after the initial awkwardness and misunderstandings and slkdfjsdlskldj; GOD. I LOVE THEM, OKAY). Though lately everybody is pairing Yamamoto with Squalo, which, okay, I get the appeal and ship it to an extent but :(

0011 - Miss Albie is the greatest kitty in the whole entire world, forever and ever.

0100 -
Tags: fandom:khr, writing
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