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Bleach 342

The Greed

So we had "The Envy" last week, "The Greed" this week... hmmm... I do wonder what "The Lust" is going to be about. ;D

...Yammy has a dog (or a goat-dog). Which he does not murder the minute it displeases him. OMFG KUBO, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MAKE ME NO LONGER DISLIKE PEOPLE I DESPISE IN LIKE 2 PANELS? HOW? *flails* Anyway, Hollows as pets! So does that mean that in the Bleach universe, animals have souls which can also go to Soul Society?

LOL Ulquiorra. "Why didn't you protect him from the first blow?"
Inoue (thinking): Gee, I dunno. Because he'd probably get pissed off if I interfered with his fighting? Stupid Ukelala is stupid.

I do love Ichigo even more for not giving a shit why Inoue didn't just protect him right away. Why is he so amazing :(

Ulquiorra's arrogance is starting to annoy me. "Don't you realise Getsuga doesn't work on me?" Dude, nothing Ichigo did worked on you last time he fought you, but it's been working now (if only to the extent of "he's not lying on the ground bleeding to death yet"). How dumb do you have to be? Keh.

Loly and Menoly make their move! Ehehe, Loly. "I can do anything I want with you" -- and so she starts ripping Inoue's clothes off. OBVIOUS FANSERVICE IS OBVIOUS. XDDDD Though it's also funny that she says "I'll tear from you everything you took from us" and starts with the clothes. Does that mean Aizen forced Loly to give up her outfit for Inoue? XD

But seriously, "what you took from us"? What did Inoue's healing do to Loly and Menoly? Does it have to do with her "evolved" (?) abilities? ARGH.

Ugh, Inoue, why won't you defend yourself? Her unwillingness to do anything unless someone she cares about is threatened is going to get her killed one of these days, damn it. Didn't she learn anything from her first encounter with Loly and Menoly? Grimmjow is not about to show up to save your ass, Inoue. >:(


Ichigo is so desperate. :((( Why so amazing. :(((

And in comes Yammy with his sudden attack! But whom is he attacking? Loly and Menoly (and if so, why?) or is he going to help them? AUGH.
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