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not your typical annihilatrix

it's called mescaline. it's the only way to fly

0001 - Reborn 226: What Xanxus said at the end? I totally saw that coming. And I like it. I want a Xanxus icon. Though, honestly, at this point all the pseudo-physics about the flames is starting to get a bit tiresome. I CAN HAS SUM MOAR PLOT DEVELOPMENT NAO PLZ. Loved the very last page. <3

0010 - If I never ever see the phrase "mushroom head" used to describe the top part of the male reproductive organ, it will be entirely too soon. You see, the "mushroom" category in my brain looks like this, and, yeah, ow.

0011 - I should go and work on some fic. Some working titles:

the last to break
varia's chosen
training day
omg kittens wryyyyy
like his father (before)
zucchero a velo
not the byaren pwp you were looking for
malfoy bordello
outside the lines
the name is harry

Guess which fandom each is for (the choices are HP, Bleach, and KHR -- some are dead giveaways, obvs), and I'll write you a drabble. :D

0100 -

0101 - p.s. Miss Albie is still the most awesomest kitty ever.
Tags: fandom:khr, meta:fan fiction, writing

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