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0001 - I am incredibly lazy. We're talking more sedentary than the oldest rock at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, no joke. Luckily, I balance my diet well enough to keep my weight constant, and I'm always hovering around the low-end-to-middle of the normal BMI range for my height. I'm reasonably fit physically, but I have no stamina for intensive exercise, and that's been bothering me more than usual over the past year -- I can walk at a normal pace for hours on end, but a 400-m dash would leave me completely wiped out. I've decided it's time to change this.

Unfortunately, when it comes to exercise, I never make time for it, and when I find that I have time for it, I overdo it. I'm really impatient and because my (reasonably avid) involvement in school sports was cut short when they diagnosed me with a mitral valve prolapse (which later turned out to have been A WRONG DIAGNOSIS AND NOTHING IS ACTUALLY WRONG WITH MY HEART, I HATE YOU FOREVER, ESTONIAN DOCTOR WITH NO FUCKING BRAIN MATTER, DIE SLOW, YOU PIECE OF USELESS TRASH, THAT WAS 10 YEARS OF MY FUCKING LIFE D:), I never learned how to warm up properly.

So on the first day of "yay, exercise tiems nao!" I end up overestimating my own threshold, and -- you guessed it -- wake up the next day feeling like there are angry rattlesnakes in my every joint, muscle, and ganglion. Because I'm lazy and a hedonist and I don't like pain, I naturally don't exercise that day or the day after, because I'm still in a bit of pain, or the day after that, just to be safe, or the day after that, because something inevitably comes up... >.>. The result is that I don't end up getting any real exercise, and by the time I realise I am totally failsauce, I'm too busy with something shiny to worry about it... until the next time I have to sprint up a flight of stairs.

Now I am trying a new thing that will hopefully trick my brain into making exercise a part of my life. For the first week, I do 5 minutes on the stationary bike every day immediately after work. Not too time consuming, I can listen to music, and I don't need to so anything super special for it, just change into non-work clothes. Second week, I add basic stretches and up bike time to 10 minutes every day. Third week, more stretches, bike 15 minutes. Fourth week, stretches + weights, 20 bike minutes. Fifth week, stretches + weights + a few standard exercises like crunches, leg lifts, etc, 25 bike minutes. Sixth week, stretches + weights + exercises, 30 minutes. That'll bring me up to an hour of exercise every day, and six weeks is generally how long it takes me to get used to a new habit. The slow progress should make it difficult for me to notice I'm gradually increasing the amount of exercise, and hopefully by the time I get there, I won't be able to imagine not exercising on a daily basis.

Wish me luck. >.> And feel free to harass me about this any time -- random comments of "so how's that Exercise Regimen For Lazy People coming along?" will be welcome.

0010 - Since last July, I have discovered that manga is like getting tattooed in a way. Once is never enough!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Love.)
Fullmetal Alchemist (Love.)
D.Gray-man (Like.)
Skip Beat (Like.)
Kuroshitsuji (Like.)

Fairy Tail (Not sure yet.)
Prince of Tennis (Still don't get the hype, but I'm only up to 20-something. When I first tried it years ago, I got as far as page 10! XD Though, if something interesting doesn't happen soon character-wise, I'll probably give up again because I, uh, really don't care about tennis.)
Vampire Knight (I'm fascinated by the premise, but EVERYBODY LOOKS THE SAME AUGH.)

Air Gear
Hikaru no Go
Hunter x Hunter
Rurouni Kenshin

Tried but couldn't get into:
One Piece
Soul Eater

Let Dai [manwha] (Liked!)
Death Note (HATED.)
Zombie Powder (Liked.)

0011 -
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