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we're planning to try to come down by around 6-7pm

0001 - Old Winamp skin!. New Winamp skin!. And, while I'm poking around in this scrapbook folder, have some gratutious Engrish (they mean "camera", afaik ETA: they're actually referring to a type of transit card!).

0010 - Finished the Prince of Tennis manga -- I don't really care enough to watch the anime, and I don't have anything to say about it other than it was okay (except for the completely idiotic "plot twist" before the final match there. o.O;;) At any rate, I'll probably read the new series if Fuji is in it. ^_^

0011 - I was going to babble about Target 227 based on the raw & the translation, but I will wait for the scanlation. >.> sdlfkjlsd;fajkldf;jk;saf;d omg.

0100 - I find myself in possession of thoughts on yaoi (literally). However, I'm too lazy to type them out. Cue collective sigh of relief! XP

0101 - 01. I think about yout a lot lately, and I hope you're okay -- like, really okay, and not just able-to-function okay or conscious okay. It's kind of awkward because I don't know -- I don't think you'd appreciate me (or anyone) trying to walk on eggshells or offer ~support~ when you're not asking for it. I think it's better if I just keep it business as usual, so I capslock and spazz out and all that, but I wonder if that's making you feel like I don't give a shit. I hope not. I have some idea of what it's like for you right now, and if you want me to drop the hunky-dory act, just say the word.

02. That wasn't very subtle. Just fyi, in case, you know, you were trying to be.

03. I'm showing your book to everybody and their mother (including mine), and they're all quite impressed! Then I tell them you're coming to town in summer and they're like "oooh, so you like actually know this person, not just from the internet?" DUDE. TEN YEARS. YOU STILL HAVE NOT MURDERED ME. ILU.

04. Nah.

05. It's not a secret I'm stingy with praise and free-handed with criticism -- this is partly because I don't ever want people to think I'm "just being nice" or "being a friend" when I say nice things about their work. So when I say you should start charging, that's not lip service. Your work is incredible.

06. POCKETSAURUS. How are we so cute? I love us, ugh. HOW MANY MORE MONTHS, GOD.

07. I'm so happy we share a fandom again after what, 3 years? Just. Yeah. I really missed the IM snarkfests -- life was just not the same without your dry humour. Geeking out together at SDCC will be so amazing. ♥

0110 -
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