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that was back when they were backlogged like crazy

0001 - Reborn! I KNEW THAT IMAGE OF BYAKURAN BACK WHEN IRIE FIRST REVEALED HIS TRUE ALLEGIANCE WAS NOT A FLUKE. I was like "uh, Irie, you might want to try and communicate via smoke signals or something, because it's almost certain that Byakuran is LISTENING TO YOU RIGHT NOW". And he totally was!

My first thought upon seeing the Vendicare dude was OMFG MUKURO. But then I went back and looked carefully, and it does not appear to be!. Byakuran's Vendicare dude doesn't have a tube going to his eye, and both his eyes are open (whereas Mukuro's "normal" eye seems to be taped down). Though the stark black/white contrast is making me wonder anyway. It would be actually kind of cool if he were Mukuro. After all, as much as Mukuro's done to help the Vongola, I don't believe his true motivation has changed at all.

The guy in the middle looks kind of like Lancia, which is making me wonder -- maybe Byakuran is forcing Mukuro to control TYL!Lancia and make him be one of the Funeral Wreaths. It's a stretch, but hey, this is SPARTAAA Reborn. I hope the weak-looking girl turns out really awesome (though, not holding my breath, because LOL REBORN). And the guy who looks kind of like Stark from Bleach -- just like Stark, he's going to have legions of fangirls in 3...2...1.... XP (I'm reserving judgement until I know a little more besides what he looks like...)

At this point, the series could either get really fucking lame or really fucking awesome. Even a Varia-Ring-Style-Battle-Reprise could potentially rule (in spite of being repetitive) -- I just hope there are no Cervello involved on either side. In any case, next week's chapter will probably lay out the rules for the face-off, so I am looking forward to it.

0010 - So far, I'm sticking to my Exercise Regimen for Lazy People! This may not seem like much, but this is the first time in years I've made it past day three in any attempt at regular exercise, so it's very exciting for me. Last Wednesday I decided to increase bike time by 30 seconds every day instead of jumping from 5 minutes straight to 10, etc -- this will take slightly longer than 6 weeks, but it should still be okay. It's way too early to say anything definitely, but I've noticed that since I started, I've been sleeping better. That might not have anything to do with exercise, granted, but I haven't changed anything else in my daily routine. I can tell that even the tiny amount of daily exercise is definitely helping me build endurance -- after the first 5 minutes on the bike (average speed 20km/h) last Monday, I had the beginnings of a stitch in my side and it took about five minutes for my heart to stop trying to jackhammer a hole through my ribs. Now I'm up to 7 minutes, and my heartbeat's back to normal within a minute, plus I don't feel like a fish on sand at all. Onward! :D

0011 - It's February! Only 28 days until winter's end (calendar-wise, anyway >.>). This is a happy thing.

0100 - *goes back to writing utterly ridiculous HP crack*
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