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AI Season 8 - Hollywood Week Day 4

Ryan: I'm now going to totally mislead everyone by pretending we're about to cut the crap and tell you who made it.

Emo Boy: I got Number one! Now I shall prove how very gay I am -- by singing Cher! *\o/*

Duelling Piano: I'm not duelling, but I'll play the piano anyway. :D? :D?

Team BFF Part 1: Hey there Delilah. It's what you do to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Team BFF Part 2: I am going to take David Archuleta's "Gaspy" nickname from him. Mark my words.

Noop-Dogg: ~*~still the awesomest~*~

Enrique Iglesias: I have not changed my shirt in three days.

Blind Piano Dude: I'm not quite Chris Daughtry.

Barbie: I am definitely not Carrie Underwood.

Stevie Wright: Remember me? I'm going to be the come-from-behind surprise Girl Who Gets Knocked Out Halfway Through the Competition!

Lil Rounds: I'm gonna win this.

Anti Drama Llama: I am a walking sunflower. This is a deeply meaningful statement about my mental state.

Mishavonna: I didn't make it through Hollywood Week last year, but I may just get it this time!

Prom Queen: I totally sucked, but I think I did awesome. I'm sure you're all surprised. Ahahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

A bunch of people: *mess up their lyrics utterly*

Lipstick Dude: I'm back in my headband and shiny shirt! Gyahahahahahaha! >:D

Prophecy Girl: I can't walk OR sing in high heels.

Roughneck: *has a fan in f*

Simon: I'm outta here, guys. Try not to die out there.

Room 2: ...Dude, did we just get trolled?
Judges: You totes did. XD

Dread Pirate Jason Jr: Aww, man, that sucks, I just got cut. I'm gonna commemorate the occasion by gettin' high. Who's with me? :D?

Judges: *troll two other rooms*
American Idol: *is the only place where blatant trolling is met with cheers*

f: I CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE THEY PUT PROM QUEEN THROUGH. But at least this is not the final 36. Phew.
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