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AI Season 8 - Top 36 Selection

Prom Queen: If I lose today, I lose everything.
Everybody on the Planet: We want you to lose everything, then.

Noop Dogg: I'm kind of terrified. But hi guys.
Judges: Why you terrified, dawg? YOU'RE IN. :D

Von Smith: I wish I hadn't engaged in indulgent nonsense.
Simon: Good boy.
f: I'm meh about this one. We shall see.

Emo Teen Boy: They're making me do a sing-off? I can't believe I washed my hair for this.
Geeky Teen Boy: You guys are awful. You're making me try and out-sing MAI FREN. :( DOOOON'T LET THE SUUUUUUN. GO DOWN ON MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. D:
f: Wow, their voices are pretty much identical. I can see the reasoning for the sing-off.
Judges: Sorry, Emo Teen Boy, but we already have an Emo Boy in the lineup.
Geeky Teen Boy: I can't really be happy about this. :\
f: Awww.

Emo Boy: I'm hoping my Cher impersonation is gonna pay off.
Judges: You shoulda won more sparklies. But it's okay, we'll forgive you this time. :D
f: YAY! :D

Ryan: We're showing you 8 girls in a row getting through without spending too much time on them!
Judges: Because we've finally figured out what our viewer demographic is. >.>
Ryan: Now we'll show you 3 boys.

Barbie: What? You guys put me through? I don't believe it.
f: She'll be gone by next week.

Barbie #2: I shall now sing and make everyone wonder how I've made it this far.
Anti Drama Llama: Whitney? Whatever. Just. I. So nervous. What. omg. Gottapeeeeee.
Paula: Decisions decisions...
Simon: Do we keep the very attractive blond girl or the other one?
Kara: You dog you.
Randy: Why yes.
Judges: Anti Drama Llama, we'll see you again. Change your look first though. Also, Simon hates you.
f: Uh. Talk about mixed signals! But yay! I like her better than the other one.

Overachiever Mom: :S
Judges: Yeah, okay.

Blind Piano Dude: :S
Judges: Did you seriously think we'd cut you?

Simon: It's not as clear-cut as you think...
Lil Rounds: You're shitting me, right.
Kara: Yeah. We totally are. XD
f: YAY! :D

Ryan: Cutting 3 more girls, move along, nothing to see here...

Amy Winehouse: I... actually sound nothing like Amy Winehouse.
Pigtails: This is a really crap song, but it's not like my future in the competition is about to be decided. Oh wait.
Judges: Pigtails, it's you.
f: ...who's she? >.>

Random Guy and Girl: *get cut with many tears*

Miss Ginger: Eeep! :S
Paula: *can't keep a straight face to save her life*
f: I kinda like her. Hope she doesn't turn out like another Kristy Lee Cook.

Team BFF: Look at how adorable we are. Do you really want to crush both our dreams or split us up? Come on. :D?
Judges: Well, Emo Glasses Dude, you can stay.
BFF#2: *tears up*
Emo Glasses Dude: Hey hey. What about my BFF :(
Judges: No.
f: WAH.

5 guys: *get put through without further ado*

Dude Who Forgot His Lyrics: plzplzplzplzplz
Simon: Yeah, you forgot your lyrics, but we're letting you through.
f: This had better not mean that forgetting your lyrics is okay all of a sudden. :| But I like this guy. :D

Lipstick Dude AKA NickorNorman: I'll clean Simon's 20 cars. I'll wear a bikini. I'll do anything to get through to the next round! But today I chose to wear normal clothing.
Simon: Well, I know I totally made fun of your headband and shiny shirt, but guess what? We actually want you to wear 'em. :D Welcome to Season 8.
f: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :DDDDDD I foresee many more Ryan/Simon jokes.

Jackie the Guitar Girl: I am so polite.
Simon: You know, for maximum politeness, you're supposed to take your shoes off *before* you enter a room.
f: Oh, I like her

Prom Queen: Aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiiiiiiiiiiiiii!1
Simon: Stop being so annoying.
Prom Queen: I bought Paula's bracelet! Let me in! Let me in!
Paula: Here, have a ring too.
Prom Queen: Is it a consolation prize?
Judges: ...No.
f: FUCK.
Prom Queen: *won't stop screaming*
Everyone Else: ...they let that in?

Mr Boyband: Oh I get it. You're making all the BFFs sing off. :|
Judges: Hey, we didn't make Team BFF sing off! Give us some damn credit.
Nathaniel: Here, have a montage about my life and a suprize grandma. Now I shall sing for you.
Judges: Obviously we're picking the one with the suprize grandma. Hey, we've got ratings to think about.
f: I really don't like this guy. :| But I didn't really care for Mr Boyband either, so meh.

Judges: *put through 2 more girls and 2 more guys*
f: Man, the way they set this up, it looks like they're letting everyone through! Jeez.

Welder vs Roughneck montage: *plays Daughtry's What About Now? ominously*
The Welder: I have the healthiest attitude about this show out of all of these jokers.
Roughneck: Aw come on, you guys. I'm polite and adorable and I sing so well.
Judges: We... still like you both.

Time for the competition to start! :D And some of my favourites are in the first group, yayes!
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