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0001 - Okay, so this is an unreasonable thing to be annoyed by (by which to be annoyed? damn you, KoL...), but I just would like to point out that ( this is a fake cut ), whereas this is not a fake cut; it's a link and this is also a link and not, in fact, a fake cut. :| But seriously! >.> It's like holding up a rubber ducky and saying "this is a fake lizard". :| :|

0010 - Speaking of KoL, I got my third Discount Telescope Warehouse gift certificate last night! *\o/* Four to go! I permed Tao in my last ascension and used a buffbot to get Ghostly/Astral Shell, so the HP gauntlets were practically nothing... but I did end up spending a small fortune to pass the MP tests. I'll have to hoard MP restorers for my next ascension, which is going to be a TT (going for the Trivially Skilled trophy right now, then Eerily Skilled, then Jack of Several Trades, then Kittycore (for which there is no trophy, but I really want to do it!)). Also, the elf food/penguin drinks from Crimbo '08 helped make this basement dive really fucking cheap compared to my previous ones (my first dive was as a Disco Bandit without Tao. Don't ask how much I spent on that. >_<)

0011 - Someone on my flist posted about having gone to see Taken. I immediately considered Googling to find out what "taken" meant. After a moment's deliberation, I realised it's actually an English word that is definitely not pronounced たけん. *facepalm* 

0100 - I don't know if it's a mild case of that seasonal-type depression or what, but I hate going anywhere in winter. HATE. In f-land, winter = extreme antisocial tiemz; and I mean extreme -- I even hate going grocery shopping, so I end up consuming ridiculous amounts of cup ramen because it can be bought far in advance and in large quantities. I have to plan everything weeks in advance so I have time to get used to the idea of having to be social. Real life is forcing me to be social today, and I've known about it, but I'm still trying to figure out if I can get out of it. DO NOT WANT. But unless I miraculously develop a contagious disease in the next 2 hours, I won't be able to get out of it without lying, and I hate lying even more than I hate being social in winter. Life.

0101 -
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