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7 True Facts

0001 - A long time ago, I had a sigline that read "I'm BUSY. You're UGLY. Have a NICE DAY." I still haven't decided if that was passive-aggressive or not.

0010 - Yamamoto being this ridiculously gay for Squalo makes it difficult to work on a Gokudera/Yamamoto fic where Squalo has already died.

0011 - If the beat-down you received was deserved and you know it, it is pointless to whine about it.

0100 - midnitemaraud_r, I watched the first episode of Saiyuki earlier. The manga is now at the top of my to-read list. I hate you a little bit.

0101 - I know my icon contains a colloquial imperative form of die. However, I'm not actually telling you to die when I use it... it's just my default icon. Sheesh.

0110 - Bleach still turns me into an utter ball of unmitigated squee.

0111 - If you really want something done, do it yourself.

1000 - I'll never turn into one of those prissy lit crit idiots who frown upon any prose not written in second-person, present tense stream-of-consciousness. However, mass appeal and quality will never be synonymous. They can coincide, but "it is good" will never follow from "lots of people like it". Logic 101, motherfucker, do you understand it?

What is/are your True Fact[s] for the day? :D?
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