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Bleach 346

The Wrath

(so now we only have The Lust left, and considering the general overarching theme of these "deadly sin" chapters, the Ichigo/Ulquiorra shippers must be over the moon. >:D)

So Ichigo's mask did shatter in the last chapter, which was why it was so wonky-looking at the end there. D: And he's saying Ulquiorra is too fast for him now WAH.

Ulquiorra so goth, his wings tear the sky.

AWWW ISHIDA. "Kurosaki will win." I bet he actually believes that and he isn't just saying it to reassure Inoue. :D :D :D (he says when you defeat him, not if you defeat him! >.> STFU AND LEAVE ME TO MY SHIPPY DELUSIONS OKAY >.>)

Ooh, Ichigo's mask instantly regenerated! That's very new -- before, once he lost his mask, it took him quite a bit of time to get it back> WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

...Ulquiorra will be a twelve-year-old boy, stamp his feet, and insist his full power is better than Ichigo's.

"Use Getsuga? Don't make me laugh -- I was already planning on it!" Rats; I don't know enough about Japanese. In English, that first part until the dash suggests to me that he's about to contradict Ulquiorra... and I got really excited because I thought he'd be like "have a taste of the new attack that my inner Hollow taught me: INSERTRANDOMSPANISH!!1" Boo. ._.

Oooh, so the reason Ulquiorra had looked so surprised the first time he'd seen the black Getsuga was that it reminded him of his own ultra-cero. That makes sense. BUT OMG I LOVE ICHIGO "I'll thank you not to make that comparison kthx" Does this mean we won't see a Cero from Ichigo. ;_;

And um, Kubo is really evil. I mean, I'm pretty sure he would never actually kill Ichigo because nobody ever really dies in Bleach and besides, Ichigo is the MAIN CHARACTER. But that was cruel. When Ichigo's Getsuga hit Ulquiorra, we can clearly see Ulquiorra blocking it and the Getsuga's blackness going around him. But Ulquiorra's cero appears to be COMPLETELY OBLITERATING ICHIGO AUGH CRYING EVIL SO EVIL. ;_; Why is it not next week yet why. :(

Just randomly, you know what fight I would love to see? Ulquiorra vs Byakuya. >.>
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