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stupid winter. fuck you very much with a tire iron, honestly. D:

stupid cold/flu/whatever you are. why must you get THIS much worse before you get better? D:

stupid cepacol. my mouth is completely numb but my throat is still sore. D:

I want a smoke, but I'm definitely not feeling well enough to have one. But guess what? I'm going to have one anyway. Клин клином вышибают. I have no idea how to translate that properly so it's all idiomatic and shit, but basically: to loosen a wedge, only another wedge will do.

BUT. I still did my 18.5 minutes on the bike today. I feel like that woman in the Advil Cold and Sinus commercials: "You think a cold can stop me? You don't know me. You don't know Advil." Except I'm not taking any Advil (or any medication, actually, except for the stupid Cepacol that I won't be trying again in a hurry), so clearly I'm even moar hardcore than you, commercial lady. :|


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