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0001 - Target 231 - HA! I KNEW IT WAS RYOHEI/HANA SINCE KYOKO WAS AT TYL!HANA'S HOUSE. I APPROVE OF THIS PAIRING. :D :D :D And Ryohei is so cute about it. ^_^

And Gokudera too: "I'm gonna move anyway." Ten years later, he will have moved in with Yamamoto, obviously! >.> (I do wonder if this means he was just about to move ten years ago?)

Not an avid D18 shipper or anything, but Amano makes it so fucking easy. DINO *_*

I'm really happy it looks like there are going to be at least a few daily life-style chapters for the next little while; I don't think I could take much suspense/fighting right now, considering what's happening in Bleach.

0010 - Working on updating glass fairytales today. I still have to edit some recent stories to my satisfaction, but the non-HP part of it is starting to grow! (well. I haven't actually uploaded anything yet -- I'll do that later tonight. XD)

0011 - One thing to one person: I enjoy eating sand. XDDDD

0100 - I've been re-reading ASOIAF (the subject line of this post is from A Game of Thrones; I'm halfway through). It's a bit weird. I was so impressed with the language when I had first picked up the series, yet I've also learned so much since then that I now actually notice places where GRRM got lazy (e.g. the Street of Sisters was "straight as an arrow", no shit, Sherlock). But these moments are brief and never plentiful, which is why I love these books so much. I hope he takes as much time as he needs with the next one. I don't just want to know what happens; I want to enjoy the writing, too.

0101 - I chose an unfortunate sleeping position last night, and this crick in my neck just won't fucking quit. It's amazing how a minor physical annoyance can alter your perspective; everything is pissing me off today.

0110 -
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