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AI Season 8 - Top 13

Some Guy: *introduces the judges and Ryan*
Ryan: Well, that was unexpected.
Ryan: I'm so jealous.
Kara: Not of Simon, I suppose.

Randy: Everyone gotta work hard.
Kara: I will be harder.
Paula: Don't be afraid of the stage.
Simon: Don't forget the words. Two of you are going home tomorrow!
Ryan: Tonight's theme is the music of Michael Jackson.

Lil: Remember how we survived the tornado? That was good times. Now I'll sing The Way You Make Me Feel while looking like a cupcake that's wearing very unfortunate pants.
Randy, Kara, Paula: *heap praise*
Simon: I hate what you're wearing. :P
f: IAWTSimon. But I like her. Even though she did the "making begging face at camera" thing when Ryan announced her number.

Scott: I've played the piano since I was a kid! This is totally subtle foreshadowing for my performance of Keep the Faith on the piano! SURPRISE!
Kara: You just learned that song this week, didn't you? See, everyone? He's awesome. Vote for him.
Paula: It's magical seeing your instrument at your fingertips.
Simon: That was a pretty dumb song choice. Don't be artistic on American Idol.
Randy: Blah blah blah.
f: I got nothin'. He's this year's David Archuleta -- obviously talented, but, well, boring.

Danny: I come from this huge family where we all sing all the time. Songs we make up ourselves. Luckily for you, I won't sing any of those. I'll sing P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).
Paula: You are an ARTIST. I close my eyes and I know it's you! Amazing!
Simon: You're a white guy with soul. Work on the dancing, though.
Randy: Well, I liked the dancing.
Kara: That's 'cause you can't dance, Randy.
f: I'm not sure what about that was supposed to be brilliant, but okay. I mean, it wasn't bad. But I wasn't swooning in my seat either.

Michael: Oh man, look at my fancy shoes. I kind of wish I was back on the oil rig. No, wait, I don't. >.> Well, I am not alone. I mean. You Are Not Alone. For I am here with YEWWWWWW.
Simon: You're not the best singer, but you have heart! >.>
Randy: You're one of the best so far! >.>
Kara: You can really sing! >.>
Paula: You sounded lovely tonight! >.>

Jasmine: I'm the one in pink. And, just like all the previous contestants except Michael, I'm from this ENORMOUS family. Also, I shall sing I'll Be There. Off-key.
Randy: Man, that was pretty good! >.>
Kara: Damn, you're good! You have a great stage presence too! >.>
Paula: You had some bad moments, but overall it was great! >.>
Simon: A little bit robotic, but not bad! >.>
f: Um, that was HORRIFYINGLY BAD. What are they smoking?

Chris: Hey, I just got married 5 months ago and I'm so happy! :D This is totally not going to cost me the teenie vote, what are you talking about? I will sing Remember the Time and stick my tongue out at weird angles and talk instead of singing for half the song!
Kara: The girls love you!
Paula: Sexy.
Simon: It was... interesting.
Randy: I like your wife, dude. Very well job done, baby. Wait, what?
f: Ugh, he SUCKED.

Allison: I've been singing since I was a kid. This makes me totally different from every other contestant! Give In to Me. You know you want to.
Paula: You're sixteen! Your hair looks great!
Simon: We know who you are! Though you might want to lighten up.
Randy: You're sixteen! You could sing anything!
Kara: Rock on, dude.
f: Well, the judges were never going to say this because she's underage, but dude, that song is about sex. It's not just "dark". And while it was the smartest choice for her voice and personality, she sounded kind of silly, because she lacks the experience. I hope she gets to stay, though.

NOOP DOGG: I am awesome and my parents are awesome and I will sing Beat It.
Judges: That was karaoke.
f: I kept expecting him to rip the jacket open, ahahaha. I bet that's why the judges are mad. The singing wasn't amazing, though. Dammit NOOP DOGG. :((( YOU BETTER STEP IT UP.

Jorge: I am also from a hugely enormous family. No, Fox doesn't have an agenda. Why do you ask? >.> I shall sing Never Can Say Goodbye while squinting like a creepy squinting dude.
Randy: Meh.
Kara: I'll now patronise you about the fact that English is not your first language.
Paula: Bad song choice.
Simon: It was corny.
f: So... they heaped praise upon the first seven, and now they're going to shit all over the last six? He wasn't as bad as Chris. >.>

Megan: It's my brother's birthday! he's also my best friend! I've never been on stage before. Also I have a baby son! I'm going to sing Rockin' Robin and dance less robotically than usual!
Kara: That was so Megan!
Paula: I didn't like it.
Simon: That completely sucked.
Randy: That wasn't Megan at all.
f: The judges are on utter CRACK. She's my favourite today. And she didn't do the stupid "VOTE FOR MEEEEEE" face at the end, so bonus points for that.

Adam: I've been at this for a while, but Hollywood hates gay people. I will sing Black or White and be totally ~dramatic~ about it! :D
Paula: *CRIES*
Simon: You're totally in a different league from everyone else. I'm supposed to shit on you according to this script, but I just can't!
Randy: What Simon said.
Kara: I hope Michael Jackson is watching this!
f: Second favourite! I don't necessarily think he's a fantastic singer, but damn, he's entertaining. Also, Paula is so drunk tonight, it's adorable.

Matt: I, too, come from a huge family. And as a bonus, I can cosplay Justin Timberlake! I'll sing Human Nature at the piano.
Randy: Nice cosplay, dude.
Kara: Let's go on a date, Justin.
Paula: Sexy.
Simon: Meat and potatoes.
f: ...I guess they're bored too.

Alexis: Blah, blah, blues, blah blah, I'm singing Dirty Diana tonight!
Kara: You're a naughty girl and I liked it. Katy Perry I'm not. Sense of humour I lack. Yoda I shall be.
Paula: Just don't oversing.
Simon: Not as good as you thought it was.
Randy: I like you...
f: I was completely distracted by a link and barely paid attention! It didn't make my ears wilt?

f: WHAT.
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  • Happy Holidays! <3

  • -_-

    wow over a decade in various fandoms and NOW some dipshit plagiarises something I wrote? good grief.

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  • Happy Holidays! <3

  • -_-

    wow over a decade in various fandoms and NOW some dipshit plagiarises something I wrote? good grief.

  • braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains

    I was going to do a year in review meme but apparently I am in no mood to Look Back On My Life This Year in any amount of detail. Personally it's…