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AI Season 8 - Top 11

Ryan: Blah blah blah this is American Idol.
Crowd: *goes wild*
f: You'd think they'd be used to it by now.

Randy: It's country week... and Randy Travis is the mentor!
f: ohnoz is NOOP DOGG toast? >.>

Michael: I'm from Texas so clearly I'll be awesome at country. I shall mumble Ain't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up) to prove this.
Judges: That wasn't so hot. Fun, but not hot.
Simon: I couldn't understand a word you were singing.
Michael: Psh, it's country. You're not supposed to.
Simon: ...
Michael: Well, excuse me, if we were all perfect, we wouldn't need this show!1
f: Yeah, way to call the rest of the Top 11 rejects, genius. >.> I couldn't understand a word, either. Also, he looks really awkward on stage. Doesn't Idol have choreographers or summat? >.> And I don't like him anymore. He's mouthed off to Simon one too many times.

Allison: I will sing Blame It on the Heart and try not to do the funny dance Randy Travis counselled me against.
Judges: Dude, you kind of rock at this, you know?
f: I'm so impressed by her every week. I mean, her voice, her sense of style, her onstage presence -- I seriously can't believe this girl is sixteen. She just needs to stop doing the finger signs as her number is read out.

Kris: Well, Randy said my version of To Make You Feel My Love was awesome. It doesn't matter that it sounds nothing like country.
Judges: We liked you, Tender Dawg. Simon liked you especially because you sounded nothing like country. :D
f: I think he's awfully boring. But he's boyishly cute so I'm pretty sure he's safe tomorrow. Because middle-schoolers are watching, damn it! :D

Lil: I will attempt to drop the R&B style and do my best by country with Independence Day! Also, I clearly favour clothing that recalls fancy baked goods.
Judges: Look, we picked you because we want you to do R&B. Okay? Okay.
f: The judges are on fucking crack. She's just. I have no words for how amazing this girl is, and trying to pigeon-hole her is ridiculous. Ugh, I really hate the judges for saying those things to her. "It just isn't you!" I think what they're not saying is "you're black, so country is wrong for you". They may not even be thinking it, granted, but I think that's exactly where that bogus criticism came from. She sang that brilliantly.

Adam: I shall sing a non-self-disciplined version of Ring of Fire after shocking Randy Travis with my nail polish.
Judges: Well, that was... strange. But we liked it? We think... Except for Simon. He hated it.
f: That was really weird. I mean, it was a very interesting arrangement (and I agree with what Randy said about NIN) but this was not an Idol performance. He may have hurt his chances with that. :\

Scott: Wild Angels is what I am singing. At the piano. Surprise!
Judges: You're kind of starting to bore us.
f: Yep, definitely this year's Archuleta. I like him, I just... don't really feel anything one way or another when he sings. A part of me wants to see him win just because it would be amazing to see someone with a disability win Idol. But OTOH, maybe he'd forever ask himself if he won because he's good or due to sympathy. And he doesn't strike me as the kind of person who seeks sympathy.

Alexis: I will sing Jolene. Randy Travis says Dolly Parton would be proud!
Judges: This was forgettable and you can do better.
f: This song is hard to do well when you're not Dolly. I thought she started out kind of shaky but I was digging the end. Eh.

Danny: I messed up like six times on Jesus Take the Wheel when I was with Randy Travis, but I managed to get my shit together in time for the show.
Judges: We love you, man. But your fashion sense sucks.
f: I really liked him this week. He sang so well and was not looking smug anymore! And he didn't do the stupid fingers thing.

Anoop: I know what "impetus" means and can use it in conversation because I'm awesome. Oh, also, I am singing You're Always on my Mind, in case you were interested. >.>
Judges: You're fucking awesome.
f: I TOLD YOU, JUDGES. I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS ALL ALONG. Wow, I did not expect that. That was fucking GLORIOUS is what it was. He's my favouritest ever. :( FROM ZERO TO HERO THANK YOU SIMON. Awww, lookit his sweet face! He's just. *flail*

Megan: I Go Walking After Midnight is what I'll sing for you! Randy Travis said I managed to create a totally new spin on it!
Judges: We like you! We really like you!
f: I like her singing; I always do. Aside from that, I thought she looked beautiful, but the twitchy dancing is kind of starting to be annoying. >.>

Matt: I shall perform So Small at the piano and suddenly everyone will understand what compelled me to sing Coldplay the other day!
Judges: You win tonight!
f: I really liked him tonight. He's been very meh for me so far, but if he keeps this up, man. *_*

Michael Sarver was the worst by far tonight. So curious to see what America thinks!
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