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Racebending + AI Season 8 - Top 11 Results

Protest the Unethical Casting of "The Last Airbender"


It seems that quite a few people are still under the impression that this is just a bunch of fanboys and fangirls butthurt that the movie rapes our precious canon. This isn't the case. What we're protesting against is racism. A specific case of racism, a specific type of racism perpetuated by Hollywood, but it's about racism. Not about "canon compliance". If you take ten minutes to read the press release, you'll understand. Hell, if you take a half hour to peruse the rest of the site and the places it links to, you might feel as completely outraged as the rest of us do. You might even be moved to pass it on and spread the word. Which would be pretty cool of you.

Don't have ten minutes? Here, look at this:

• The Fire Nation are a warlike nation mostly represented by villainous characters in canon (though it's made very clear that most of them are perfectly decent people).

They look like this:

In the film, they will be brown/Southeast Asian.

• The Earth Nation are a peaceful nation oppressed by a totalitarian government in canon.

They look like this:

In the film, they will be East Asian.

• The Air Nomads are a peace-loving, deeply spiritual nation, wiped out completely (save for one last member) by the Fire Nation in canon.

They look like this:

In the film, the last Air Nomad (the main hero) will be white.

• The Water Tribe are a brave, heroic people in canon -- the Fire Nation has culled their ranks significantly but they struggle on.

They look like this:

In the film, they will be white.

If you don't think that's racist, I want to know what planet you're from. Really.

And you know something? I think it's fucking unconscionable that a Facebook group protesting changes to the Facebook interface can draw hundreds of thousands of members within a week, while a Facebook group dedicated to protesting blatant racism, in which Hollywood has engaged for decades, draws fewer than 3000 over several months. And here you thought racism was over. Surprise!

On with the show.

Ryan: Simon, you're losing your hair.
Simon: Anything to draw attention away from groupsing, I guess.
Ryan: I lob a water balloon at you because I love you!
Simon: You missed.
Ryan: Aww, and you're wearing a white shirt...

Jorge and Jasmine's Farewell Party: *is inexplicably televised*
Michael: Um. It's really hard being away from my daughter. But I don't wanna go home!
Megan: I'm the typhoid Mary.

Ryan: Danny, you're safe. Obviously. Lil, too. Obviously. NOOP DOGG, YOU TOO. OBVIOUSLY.
Ryan: Allison and Michael, stand up. Paula, which of them do you think is in the bottom three?
Paula: Neither! Neither deserve it! But really I think it's Allison.
f: You are on CRACK, lady.
Ryan: It's Allison.
f: AMERICA is on crack.
Ryan: But Michael is in the bottom three, too.

Guy in Cowboy Hat: *sings a song*
f: I totally missed his name. Oops. >.>

Ryan: Scott, you're safe. Megan? You too. And you, Matt. Oh, and Kris.
f: That leaves Alexis and Adam. D:
Ryan: Simon, have you changed your mind about Adam?
Simon: No.
Ryan: Randy, who do you think is in the bottom three?
Randy: Allison.
Ryan: Have you been into Paula's stash?
Randy: >.>
Ryan: Alexis is in the bottom three. Adam is safe. And, btw, so is Allison! XD
f: PHEW.

Carrie Underwood: That's not a dead animal on my head, okay. It's a decoration. A hair decoration.
Randy Travis: I'll tell you a secret: I had no idea what I was doing when I was mentoring these kids...

Ryan: So Simon...
Simon: ...yes?
Ryan: Not that. We're on TV, as you keep reminding me. Do you think these two contestants (Alexis and Michael) deserve the Judges' Save?
Simon: >.> Oh. Well. One of them may deserve it.
Ryan: Michael, you're safe.
f: WHAT.
Simon: The good news is, we might save you! So sing well.
f: Okay, I like Alexis. But there are people up there who would be far more deserving of this one-shot Judges' Save. :\
Simon: It was good, but not good enough. Good-bye.

f: AMERICA, YOU ARE ON CRACK. *officially hates Michael now*

Also, I have been watching episodes of BSG during my bike-time (and then another episode with incapricious afterwards :D) All I can say is holy shit, Starbuck is AMAZING. I wish I were caught up so I could watch the finale on Friday with the rest of you BSG cats, but that's not temporally possible, so I'll stretch it out instead. :)
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