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Bleach 350

The Lust 4
(is it going to be another 9-parter like End of Hypnosis or more like Mala Suerte/Conquistadores? >.>)

Okay, Ichigo's Hollow form is terrifying; I thought Shirosaki was scary, but this is just omfg. Not a surprise, since we've seen the ram horns before in a colour spread and a volume cover, but speculation was one thing; seeing it "live" is another.

I was unpleasantly reminded of Allon when he started going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!... so far, it looks like Ichigo's mind is gone. Whether it's gone for good or he can revert back to human form... *bites nails* omg why can it not be next week? :(

I'm glad he didn't accidentally kill Inoue, though; that was my biggest fear.

I really hope Ulquiorra dies for this. >:| And I think I've overestimated him; he's seriously fucking dumb if after seeing the Hollow form AND A FREAKIN CERO, he continues to think Ichigo is "only human". HE HASN'T BEEN A MERE HUMAN IN MONTHS, YOU DUMB SHIT. GO AWAY AND DIE ALREADY. >:| >:| >:| *HATES*

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