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0001 - The red hair experiment from yesterday was a success! Well, not totally -- it didn't take well on the still-black parts of my hair (I had hoped it would because it's been forever since I last coloured, and it had faded quite a bit already). But I really like the shade I chose (this, though the model's hair is a lot more purple than the sample swatch, and my hair is definitely red, not purple :D). So I'll get it professionally coloured in a couple of months. :D

0010 - The Exercise Regimen for Lazy People was also a success! In that I am up to 30+ minutes a day on the bike, and it's definitely a part of my daily routine now (I don't feel right without it). *\o/* I'm going to keep increasing the time until I hit 40 minutes, so I can watch 1 episode of BSG in full while spinning! When I run out of BSG to watch, I've decided to watch CSI:NY and Criminal Minds. I've been catching both because they're usually on right after Wednesday's AI, and I really like them. If my calculations are correct, BSG + catching up on those should take me most of the way through the summer.

0011 - IN A FEW SHORT HOURS, I SHALL HAVE AN INCAPRICIOUS YAY! *\o/* But before that, I'm going out for wings with friends from my old work. om nom nom St Louis dill sauce >.> Speaking of which, gotta go. Have an awesome Saturday, everyone! :D ♥
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