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today was a good day

So I was going to rant about why I avoid pretty much every Bleach fan community on the planet (THE ICHIGO HATE! DDDD: The Inoue bashing! The Rukia bashing! Comments like "I only read this manga because of Luppi/Menoly/Yammy's little dog" or "Kubo doesn't know his own characters" or "Anyone who doesn't see that Ulquihime is canon clearly lacks a brain!111"! The antagonist whitewashing that uses 100% pure Pluto logic! DID I MENTION THE ICHIGO HATE? DDDDDD:)...

But I ran out of steam mid-rant. :D

Instead, let's have a meme. Ask me anything! Any topic, any fandom (or non-fandom!), whatever, it's all good. Any question is fair game, even the kind with yes/no answers only. XD

Comments are screened, and I'll make a post with the answers tomorrow, without identifying the askers.

Tags: fandom:bleach, meme

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